What to expect from a dental spa

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Dental Services

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dental spaA dental spa is a dental facility that offers a number of dental services including preventative treatments as well as cosmetic treatments. The objective of New York spa dentistry is to provide an environment which is less distressing by providing an environment considerably different to that found in a traditional dentist’s office.

In many cases holistic dentistry is practiced in a dental spa. A holistic approach to dentistry is an attempt to encourage natural healing and focuses as much on the patient’s total overall health and wellness as it does with focusing on the particular dental problem. The entire theory of holism is controversial but practitioners of holistic medicine and dentistry have reason to believe that the results are better when the entire body is treated as one rather than simply focus treatment on the particular part of the body where a problem lies. New York spa dentistry is far more comprehensive than traditional dentistry.

The dentist may start dealing with a new patient by determining if there are any traces of metal or other materials that are considered harmful present in the body. Based on the outcome the dentist may suggest a dietary change or other life modification to rid the body of these substances.

One of the primary advantages of New York spa dentistry is the environment. The environment is calm, relaxing and pain-free; it is free of any substances that are thought to unbalance the natural health of the whole body. It is not unusual for the office to be filled with relaxing music and the air filled with fragrances known to have a calming effect. This environment makes it easier for the dentist to perform the treatments that are necessary.

A holistic dentist in a New York spa dentistry office may often suggest a course of treatments which are not just directed at the patient’s oral health but also treatments dedicated to balancing the mind, body and soul. These treatments can massage techniques, recommendations for a diet adjustment or acupuncture. The associated spa treatments are variable based on the views of the dentist; for one patient the focus may be on diet while for another patient the focus may be on massage.

The ADA, American Dental Association are in favor of spa dentistry, this organization is of the opinion that they improve the overall patient care as the emphasis of New York spa dentistry is on full-body care and not just dental care.

New York Spa dentistry is concerned not only about the dental issue at hand; it is concerned with the health of the entire body and its relationship to your teeth, jaw and gums. You are invited to make an appointment with company. He has training and experience in all phases of dentistry.

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