What To Expect From Hernia Surgery

The expectations from hernia surgery in Reading, PA depend a great deal on the type of surgery that is elected. The patient can undergo either open surgery or laparoscopic surgery; the surgery itself, regardless of the method employed is called a herniorrhaphy. Both surgeries usually are completed with two hours but when the surgery is laparoscopic, the recovery time is usually faster.

When the doctor elects to use open surgery an incision is made very close to the location of the hernia. Repair of the hernia often necessitates removing the hernia sac and sewing the damaged muscle wall. In most cases a man-made mesh will be used as reinforcement over that part of the muscle wall that had herniated.

When hernia surgery in Reading, PA is accomplished with laparoscopic surgery, the results are the same but the surgery is made through small incisions instead of the one long incision that is necessary to conduct open surgery. The surgeon uses very small instruments and a scope which has a self contained camera and light allowing the surgeon to see the area on a remote monitor. He places the instruments through the tiny incisions and repairs the hernia.

Regardless of the type of surgery the patient undergoes, it must be noted, that like all surgery there is always the potential of complications. The complications are not with the hernia itself, it is usually an infection or internal bleeding that is difficult to stem. The risks associated with hernia surgery are limited and they are outweighed by the possibility of the hernia becoming strangulated which can be life threatening.

Hernia surgery can be done while the patient is under general anesthetic meaning he or she is asleep during the operation or the patient can receive a local anesthesia and the area can be numbed during the operation. Most hernia surgeries are done on an out-patient basis and rarely requires an overnight stay in the hospital. After successful surgery, the doctor will advise the patient to drink plenty of water and to eat a lot of fiber-rich food, this helps to regulate bowel movements as some people do experience difficulties in this area of hernia surgery. Avoid any heavy lifting for two or three months but normal activities such as work can start up again in about a week.

At Spring Ridge Surgical Specialists, hernia surgery is conducted using a laparoscopic process which is a minimally invasive procedure used to correct problems in the abdominal area. Click here to know more.

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