What to expect with business jet services

Flying on a private plane is unlike no other mode of travel, it is first class travel on steroids. High Standard Business jet services are designed for the client in many cases but in all cases have significant benefits to commercial travel, even if you fly first class.

There are a few things that people are inquisitive about, let’s have a look at private jets and their benefits.

Crew experience: The pilots and the crew of a private plane are attached to that specific aircraft; they know everything there is to know about the plane as it is where they go to work. The pilots of private jets are subject to the identical standards as are pilots of commercial aircraft.

Safety: Private jets are equally as safe as commercial aircraft and there are reasons why they may even be considered safer.

  • Private jets usually are younger and have fewer air miles than commercial aircraft
  • Private jet owners are apt to hold even higher maintenance standards than commercial carriers
  • You know who and what is aboard your private jet, this is not the case when flying commercial

Baggage restrictions: There are none, the only restriction is that is has to fit in the aircraft. You are not subjected to limits on liquids, you are free to bring aboard as much as you want, and pets are good as are firearms. In the case of pets, if the destination is overseas then the policies of the arrival country are effective and in the case of firearms, they must be unloaded and stowed in the hold.

International customs: Immigration and customs are far quicker and less complicated than they are when flying commercially. In many cases your passport will not even be stamped upon arrival although getting the stamp is a good idea in the event you need to prove you are a legal visitor. You have to make a declaration of any spirits, tobacco, etc, the customs agent will determine if duty is payable or not.

Flight crews: The crew stays with the same plane so your crew is the one which is permanently attached to plane you opt to hire. Business jet services consist of a pilot, co-pilot and at least one cabin attendant.

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