What to look for in a property manager in East County, CA

Many investors are finding that the glut of properties that are available, many at very attractive prices, allow them to either increase their holdings or begin to develop a portfolio of income properties. The financial problems that are happening in the country right now are nationwide, no one area has been spared, and this gives an investor a wide range of choices from an extensive area. This being the case, an investor may live in one place but need to have a property manager in East County, CA. In looking for the best manager possible for his investment, what should an investor look for?

In addition to property maintenance, collecting the rent, marketing vacancies, etc., there are a host of other responsibilities such as keeping good relations with the tenants. Here are a few questions you may want to ask:

What are the services you offer?
There are a host of services that can be considered as an essential component of property management. Some property management companies offer the entire “menu,” others do not. When you interview the candidate company, you should be ready with a list of the services you absolutely want and need, you can then see if the company can provide them. If 24 hour a day service is on your list, ask; after you contract with them is not the time to find out that they only work nine to five.

What is their experience?
You do not want a property manager in East County, CA that is planning to learn on the job. You need a seasoned manager with years of experience in dealing with upset tenants and emergencies as well as being highly organized and well connected with maintenance service providers. It does not hurt to ask for references so you can check with their other property owners and ask if they are happy with their choice.

Are they certified or licensed?
Your property manager must be knowledgeable about property management and all the legal ramifications of tenant/landlord relations. They have to be aware of the anti-discrimination laws and the laws pertaining to evictions. A lack of knowledge in these areas can leave the owner wide open for very expensive lawsuits.

How do they advertise?
There is much more to it than just sticking an ad in the newspaper and hoping that somebody sees it. A professional property manager will have a marketing plan which is ideal for the area where the property is located. Ask to see the plan and ask to see historical marketing campaigns that they has done in the past.
What are their screening techniques?

The property manager is the gate-keeper. Make sure they select tenants who are employed and have a clean credit and criminal record, but make sure they do not deny applications due to any discriminatory reasons.

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