What Will A Cosmetic Dentist In Lawrence Recommend?

Like any medical procedure, you will first go to your regular family doctor and if they can’t perform what you need, they will give you a referral to a doctor who can assist you. The same is for the dental field if you are looking for specialized Cosmetic Dentist Lawrence. Most general dentists can perform simple cosmetic functions such as bleaching, bonding or crowns but there are other services which you may need to see a specialist.

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish with cosmetic dentistry, it is best to see your regular dentist first. There are many products that you can purchase over the counter to get a simple cosmetic fix accomplished. Many bleaches come in a toothpaste, gel or strip that you can apply at home for a fraction of the price that a dentist will charge. The look will not be as permanent or as fast, but it will get you results to test what if that is a procedure you will be happy with.

The reason that it is suggested that you see your regular dentist first is because after a thorough evaluation of your mouth, they will be able to determine if what you are trying to do is safe for your situation. Sometimes a whitening agent can cover a problem that your dentist may have a tough time seeing when you go in for a routine visit. Just like anything you do at home, you want to consult with a doctor before beginning.

Veneers as well as contouring and shaping is obviously something that you will not be able to do at home and you may be referred to a specialist. While these treatments are often times an alternative to less invasive procedures, sometimes a prior condition warrants the excessive dental work.

Your Cosmetic Dentist Lawrence will be able to go over all the different factors involved with any procedure you are eligible for in your first consultation. You will see your dentist much like you do on your regularly scheduled visit and a thorough examination will be performed. At this time you and your dentist can make informed decisions on which procedure is right for you.

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