What you should expect from your roofers Minneapolis, MN

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Home and Garden

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You’ve finally decided to have your roof replaced because you know it will increase the value of your home as well as your comfort while you live there and can save you money on your power bill.  But what can you  expect when your roofers Minneapolis, MN actually show up to start on the task?

There will likely be quite a large crew, maybe more than you expected.  Because that state of having the old roof off before the new one is on can be a dangerous period in case of inclement weather, most roofers want to do the work as fast as possible and manpower is the way to accomplish that.  If you have arranged and contracted for them to take off the old roof, they will probably have some sort of garbage dumpster or truck to haul away the old shingles.  If they are simply laying the new roof over the old, which is a perfectly decent option in many cases, they will just bring the new shingles.

They’ll have ladders, of course, as well as rope, hammers, nails, etc.

Then the fun begins.  Suddenly your house becomes a beehive of activity with people walking all over your roof.  If you are home during the project, which is probably a good choice most of the time, it can be annoying, so you may not want to tell your boss you’ll telecommute or plan on doing anything that requires too much concentration.  Between the roofers Minneapolis, MN walking all over and then all the hammering as they drive nails through the shingles, it is very loud and a constant thumping.  Of course, with every hammer blow and stomp, remember that they are fixing your roof and that you won’t have to deal with leaks any longer and that makes it less of an imposition.

Eventually, quicker than  you probably thought possible, they will have finished demolition and will start putting up the new shingles.  You might want to go outside and watch for a few minutes, just to assure yourself that they really are putting up the shingles that fast and not just jumping on your roof to annoy you!

Before you can possibly imagine, usually within a day or two, depending on the size of your home and how much work had to be done to the surface of the roof as they work, the roofers Minneapolis, MN leave and all is quiet again, but this time, you feel secure because you know you have a brand new roof to protect you and your home.

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