What’s Different About a Pre School in Potomac That is Geared for Gifted Children?

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Education

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Every child has a special talent, but some are very gifted, and constantly seek mental stimulation. Their parents often find that they do best in environments such at Feynman School, an advanced Pre School in Potomac. There students get benefits that include:

*   EARLY SCIENCE: Feynman Pre School in Potomac is oriented toward gifted children and makes early science a cornerstone of learning.Their students engage in hands-on, creative experiments and investigations that challenge them. Teachers respond to student feedback, and use it to blend the childrens’ interests into their studies. Young scientists are often able to design their own experiments. They are taught to use the same thought processes that actual scientists use. Pupils make hypotheses, conduct investigations, analyze data, draw conclusions, and present their findings to their peers.

*   LANGUAGE SKILLS: The staff at the Feynman Pre School in Potomac believe that communication is a critical skill, so they ensure that it is taught in every setting. A love of reading is encouraged, by exposing kids to a variety of writing styles, and types of texts. They read in groups and alone. Children learn analytic thinking and comprehension skills, as well as fluency. In addition, they are offered a writer’sworkshop, which encourages them to write for different reasons, such as for entertainment, to persuade, or to inform. In addition, they learn to speak, read, and write Spanish, as well as understand cultures associated with the language.

*   FUN: Children at a pre-school for the gifted are taught in an environment that is non-competitive, and designed to make learning fun, as they work as a team. They may be offered the chance to showcase their solutions during a tournament. In addition, they can participate in team or instant challenges that encourage the creative process, from imagination, all the way to innovation. They are given the opportunity to apply science and math in fun and innovative ways. They have fun while learning oral presentation, thinking, and team building skills.

Parents of gifted children often enroll them in specially-designed pre-school programs that will help them make the most of their abilities. These schools offer stimulating environments that let kids learn science, math, language, and more, and have fun doing it.


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