Wheelchairs New London- Various Types of Wheelchairs

With the availability of wheelchairs, people with disabilities can move around with ease, just like everybody else. The makes of these chairs have evolved over time. A wheelchair is no longer seen as that awkward heavy seat on wheels. Currently, you can access a light wheelchair that facilitates easy movement. With the availability of top notch wheelchairs New London, disabled people can participate in sports, navigate the streets and do almost any other thing that pleases them. Disability is no longer termed as inability; armed with the right equipment, disabled people can enjoy independence just like other people.

There are various types of wheelchairs New London. The chairs are designed in such a manner as to meet the different needs of users. One of the common types is the manual wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is moved or propelled by the user or an attendant. The speed at which the manual wheelchair moves is dictated by the amount of force applied on it. The chairs are propelled by pushing or pulling on the push rims. You could also use foot pedals or hand operated levers to propel the wheelchairs. For user operated manual wheelchairs, the user must have the capacity to propel the chair using the hands for instance.

It is worth noting that some users may not have the capacity to operate the manual chairs. This is where the electric wheelchairs come in. These are usually powered by rechargeable batteries. There are many methods of operating an electric wheelchair. For instance, the user could use a joystick mounted on the arm rest. Alternatively, a swing bar can be used and the seat may also be operated by blowing into a tube. An electric wheelchair is very suitable especially for people who do not have the capacity to propel the manual chairs.

We also have the sports wheelchairs. There are popular sports that can be played while on a wheel chair. For instance, we have the wheelchair basketball which is very popular across the world. The chairs designed for sports are made from light weight materials for ease of movement. They also have an enhanced stability and this allows abrupt turns to be made without falls. The material utilized in making these chairs has a high level of solidarity to ensure that it cannot easily turn.

Lastly, but not the least, we cannot forget to mention the pediatric wheelchairs New London. These are wheelchairs specifically designed for children. They are smaller in size than the chairs made for adults. They are light in weight and they allow freedom of movement. There is also the bariatric wheelchair. This a wheelchair designed for heavy weight people. The chair can accommodate individuals weighing more than 250 pounds.

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