When Freedom Matters, Contact an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN

Being arrested is not a good experience, but how you act after being arrested matters – A LOT. If there was ever a time to keep it together, this is it. Yelling and fighting will only make things worse. Don’t do it.

* Don’t resist. That will only add on more charges.

* Don’t talk. People often think that they are smarter than the police and can talk their way out of trouble. It might have worked with your mother, but it won’t work with the police. Whatever you say, they’ve heard before, WILL be used against you and will complicate your defense.

* The police are allowed to lie to you. They can say that they’ll make a deal or let you off easy if you tell them everything that happened. That is not true. Only a prosecutor can offer a deal and that deal should be in writing. Any deal you are offered should be reviewed by your

* Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN
* Do whatever the police tell you to do, but do not give them your permission to perform a search. Tell them that you want to speak to a lawyer. You are not constitutionally required to assist them in finding evidence against you.

* Remaining calm is especially important when pulled over for a DWI. NEVER be talked into a field sobriety test. If asked to count backwards, walk a straight line or perform some other activity designed to see how drunk you are, don’t do it unless ordered to do so. If you fail the test, you’ve just provided the prosecutor with evidence against you. Incidentally, most sober people can’t pass three out of three of these tests. Instead, say that you want to talk to a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN.

Anderson Law Firm knows that every case is unique. Their team of lawyers analyzes each case and their client’s needs, developing a plan that will achieve the best results possible. Their practice focuses on criminal law, DWIs and divorce and family law. The varied backgrounds of the attorneys are extremely beneficial to their clients, especially in complicated criminal cases. If someone is facing charges and the loss of their freedom, they need an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN. Schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your case and the available options.

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