When to Choose Assisted Living in Ossining?

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Health Care

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An important decision that the elderly have to make is deciding when to move to an Assisted Living Ossining home. Living at home is an important symbol of independence for most seniors. However, there is a time when health conditions and aging makes it unsafe for the elderly to remain independent in their own homes. For example, a senior who forgets to turn off the oven may end up burning the house or apartment down. A fall inside a home may not be discovered for many hours or even days. When it is unsafe to remain at home independently, it’s time to consider moving. Fortunately, an assisted living arrangement does provide some independence for residents while providing a safe place for the elderly to live in. That is why the elderly should seriously consider moving to an assisted living home when health deteriorates to the point where safety in an independent home is no longer possible.

Unlike a nursing home, homes for Assisted Living Ossining such as The Country House are not for those who need nursing care during all hours of the day and night. Instead, assisting living is for those who need occasional assistance with daily tasks. For example, many seniors can no longer safely get out of bed on their own or cook their own meals. However, they can perform many of the other tasks of daily living such as using the toilet and walking to the dining room. An assisted living home is also a good opportunity for elderly people with few friends to get more socialization. Increased socialization is very important in maintaining good health.

The cost of staying at an assisted living facility or home will vary. Private rooms will cost a lot more than rooms shared with a roommate. The size of the room will also determine how expensive the care will be. Although the monthly cost of staying at an assisted living home is expensive, the expenses often include things like food.

Choosing to move to an assisted living facility or home is a difficult choice for many seniors, especially for those who value their independence. However, it is often the best choice for those who can no longer live independently in a safe manner.

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