When You May Need a Parker Hannifin Fleet Distributor in Tulsa

When you have appliances that rely fittings and pipes in order to work properly, you Need a Parker Hannifin Fleet Distributor in Tulsa who can help you get the quality parts you need to keep them operational. If you think that your machines will run properly and never break down, think again. Regular wear and tear will cause parts to wear out, and leave your equipment out of commission. You can have yourself covered by getting the backup parts you need before disaster strikes. Here are just a few types of products that you should consider incorporating into your parts warehouse. Having them on hand can save you from down town, and keep your employees productive and your company at a more profitable level.

Brass Fittings

One of the highest quality fittings available on the market are brass fittings. They are resistant to extreme temperature changes and can ensure that your equipment runs without issue. Don’t settle for cheaper fittings, when those constructed from quality brass will be there to give you years of dependable service. While it may be more expensive upfront, it can save you money in the long run.


If you have to transport a large amount of liquid or air through hoses, a leak can be disastrous. Hoses can be complicated to shop for, as they come with both male and female parts and in a variety of lengths. Make sure you talk to the vendor you use and get the perfect hose for your application. You may Need a Parker Hannifin Fleet Distributor in Tulsa to help you determine what type of hose you need.

Conversion Adapters

If you use equipment that was not designed in the US, it can be tricky to get the replacement parts you need. A conversion kit can give you the ability to use domestically made parts, which can save you money and ensure you always have the parts you need to keep your equipment operational on hand. Learn about the many ways a conversion kit can save you money.

Make getting the parts you need easy by contacting Business Name. They are a distributor of several manufacturers of pipes and fittings, and they can help you get the perfect parts for your machines. Call them today to learn more about how easy maintaining your equipment can be.

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