When You Need a Burlington WA Marijuana Lawyer

One of the main reasons to hire an attorney to defend you if you are charged with any kind of drug-related offense is that these convictions are too easy to prove making it difficult for anyone to defend themselves. Possession does not mean you use or sell, but just having marijuana in your possession whether it’s yours or not can lead to a conviction. You could do time for possession, or at least have a criminal record even if you do not know how it all happened. A Burlington WA Marijuana Lawyer is needed if you have been charged with any kind of marijuana offense.

Some of the consequences of a drug charge include the following.

* A criminal record that follows you for your entire life.

* Punishment that can range from community service to prison time.

* More than one arrest automatically makes you a repeat offender.

* It will be difficult to obtain gainful employment as long as a conviction is on your record.

* Irreparable damage to your relationships and quality of life.

Lawyers have gone to school for many years to learn the nuances of the legal system which means they have a higher level of knowledge than you about criminal activities. They can provide you with a viable legal defense and fight for your rights using the law. Lawyers are able to navigate the legal system and most judges are familiar with local attorneys which makes the process easier for everyone concerned.

When you have a Burlington WA Marijuana Lawyer on your side, you may be able to avoid a prison sentence. They can plea for a lesser charge, get whatever punishment reduced, or completely help you get absolved of any wrongdoing. Every case is different and the circumstances surrounding each individual case will result in a different outcome. A lawyer will keep you informed about your case as it progresses.

The relationship between you and your lawyer is called a fiduciary relationship which is a special kind of trust. Anything you say to your lawyer is confidential. It is crucial that you be forthcoming and completely honest with your attorney from the beginning to the end of your case. That is the only way he or she can provide you with the best defense. The Howson Law Office offers consultations and representation if you have been arrested on any drug charge.

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