When You Need a Home Inspection in Chicago, Call the Expert

People buying a new home are trying to do all the right things. They’ve been in the house twice and looked for anything needing repair. They drove through the neighborhood on the weekend to find out how noisy it was. They checked out the local school to discover how it compared to other schools. They even talked to a couple of the neighbors. One very smart and important thing that they did was signing a purchase contract ‘contingent upon a home inspection’.

The prospective buyers aren’t really concerned about the home inspection, but the realtor suggested it and it seemed like a good idea. The buyers don’t see any problems other than the awful wallpaper in the master bath. After all, they’ve looked at everything. What could be wrong?

The answer to that is “a lot”. home inspector are there to find the problems that are only apparent to an expert making a thorough inspection. For example, a lot of problems can be hidden within a crawl space, but not many prospective buyers are going to crawl into it. If the crawl space is damp, that’s an indication that there may be more than one problem that should be addressed. Continual dampness can rot the floor boards near the doors of the crawl space. The constant dampness may be caused by leaking pipes. If there are open wire connections in this damp area, that’s a fire waiting to happen. The concrete block piers might be cracked or broken.

Radon testing should also be done. Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into the home from the ground. Prolonged exposure can cause any number of health problems; children may be most at risk. A thorough top-to-bottom check of the home will include the roof, attic, plumbing, heating/cooling equipment and the septic system. Looking for electrical problems is always a concern. A complete inspection will also examine many other potential problems.

Lawson Home Inspection & RADON Testing Services – has been inspecting homes and providing reliable and complete information to his clients for over 25 years. Robin Lawson has been a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors since 1983. He has even written a book on home inspections. It would be difficult for anyone needing Home Inspection in Chicago to find a more competent and caring professional home inspector than Robin Lawson.

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