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UFO LED grow lights are special LED style lights that are produced for indoor gardeners and hydroponics. The UFO lights are named allegedly because they resemble the lights on an alien space craft, or those that humans use to contact aliens—as seen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The circular styled lights have a series of LED bulbs inside, designed to accelerate plant and vegetation growth in indoor in conditions. They display a more intense light than regular incandescent bulbs and last longer, as well as being far more energy efficient for your energy bills.

UFO LED grow lights are available in a variety of wattage choices, from 90 watts up to around three hundred watts. Generally, the LED grow lights are placed in strategic areas around your indoor garden so that they can offer a synthetic sun-simulated light to help your vegetation grow. During the winter, when the days are short and the nights are long, many plants slow down their own photosynthesis process and look as though they have stopped growing. This is due to the change in seasons and the lack of natural sunlight. The LED bulbs can offer a certain level of lighting on the full spectrum to aid in the continued growth of all the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables you are growing indoors, throughout the winter months.

The Spectrum and the Lights

The spectrum includes every color available through visual light that the human eyes can see. This also includes white because white, whilst not technically a color, absorbs all light to reflect every possible color in the spectrum. Plants need sunlight to grow, as well as water and a solid root system. Without all three of these they will wither and die. Many gardeners are turning their attention to indoor areas to grow small herb gardens, tiered wall gardens and generally making the best use of their indoor space to grow produce. Because indoor lighting is not suitable to emulate that of sunlight, the LED bulbs can assist the plant life to grow because they are specifically made to emulate exactly the conditions the plants need. Prices vary for LED grow lights, so do your research and find the most suitable for your indoor garden before you buy.

To order the best in UFO LED grow lamps, contact Grow Blu for a full list of the lights they provide and how to get yours.

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