Where to Find Professional Stone Veneer Installation in NJ

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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When people look for a stone feature within their home, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor fireplace or perhaps an outdoor wall to decorate the exterior of the home, there’s a couple of different materials that can be used. If you’re going for a classic stone look you can opt to use complete stones for your stone feature. However, if your adorning the outside of the wall or perhaps creating a stone façade for a fireplace or an outdoor wall, many people use stone veneer installation in NJ.

There are many benefits that come from stone veneer that far outweighed the use of full stones. The first thing is that a stone veneer is stone. It’s just not the complete stone which makes it much easier to work with and it makes it much less heavy. This can be important for certain features as adding real stone to a wall could actually weaken the wall and weigh it down so much that it could be in danger of toppling over.

Stone veneer can come in individual stones or it can come in a sheet, especially if the stones are much smaller. These veneers can be installed using a special type of mortar as well as a backing material like lathe. However, if you’re not keen on the idea of installing the stone feature yourself as you may not be very handy or you may not have time to do it, professional stone veneer installation in NJ is easy to find.

In most cases, you’ll find installation services provided at the location you purchase your stone veneer. Whether the business itself has professional installation crews or whether they work closely with third-party installation services, if you have a situation where stone veneer needs to be installed at your home or business, all you need to do is inquire about installation at the place you purchased your veneers.

If you’re looking for stone yet you want to avoid the complications of working with full pieces of stone, stone veneers are an excellent option. They will give you the look of stone because they are stone, but they’re only the faccedilade of the stone and not the full stone itself. Whether you’re looking to cover a fireplace, an exterior wall or you’re looking for stone feature inside of your home, these veneers are an excellent options to give you the look that you want from natural stone.

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