Where to Hide Duplicate Keys in Chicago IL?

Having an emergency set of keys is always a good idea. The question is where to keep those keys so they can be accessed easily but are hidden from those who have no business using them. There are several ways to go about this without resorting to keeping a house key on the ledge over the front door, or hiding a spare car key in the garage. Click here for more details.

Keep a Set at Work

For people who have desks that lock at work, keeping a spare set of house and car keys there is a good idea. In most instances, it’s possible to get there during normal business hours and retrieve the keys. Even if the employee does not have his or her desk key on hand, the office manager is likely to have a master that will open the locks of all the desk drawers.

Have a Neighbor or Trusted Friend Hold a Set

Another approach is to leave a set of duplicate keys in Chicago IL with someone who can be trusted. A neighbor is often a good choice. Alternatively, asking a long-term friend to hold onto the spare set is also a great way to make sure they are kept in a safe environment.

The Dangers of Hiding Keys in Plain Sight

In days gone by, some people would hide the keys in spots near their front or back doors. The idea would be to place a set of keys in a fake rock that could then be placed in with other rocks in a nearby flowerbed. Another approach was to hide a spare key somewhere along the top of the doorframe, or possibly in a container behind a shrub. The problem with all these options is they no longer fool anyone. Would be burglars will easily know how to tell a fake rock from a real one, and will certainly know how to check the door frame and behind the shrubs for evidence of a hidden key.

For this reason, don’t waste time or money on these methods. The best bet is to keep a set at a secure location away from the home. Once the homeowner settles on where to keep that spare set, the experts at Keyway Lock and Security can have the new keys ready in no time.

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