Which movers are right for your move?

If you are faced with making a move it can be hard to decide whether this is something that you can handle yourself or whether you will need all the help you can get. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the moving company on Long Island paid for by your employer, the decision that you have to make will often boil down to time and cost and both are extremely critical to ensure a stress free and successful move. You may be caught in a dilemma through; what happens when you don’t think you can handle the move by yourself but you don’t think you can afford to hire a professional moving company on Long Island? There is a middle ground that may serve the purpose, it is called self-service moving.

What is self-service moving?

There have always been two definitive methods of making a move; a true DIY move where you rent a truck and do everything yourself, including the driving and using a full service moving company on Long Island that does everything. Self service moving includes a truck and driver, the rest is up to you including packing your goods, loading the truck on one end and unloading it on the other. This solution is attractive to those people who are concerned about driving a big truck but they wish to make the move as economical as possible.

Although you will get a truck and driver, there are some self-service moving companies that use containers. They can drop a container off at the home you are leaving, this allows a few days to get the container packed otherwise you will be rushed if the truck shows up and it is expected that it is loaded and ready to leave within a limited time frame.

Is it really cheaper?

Perhaps it is not actually cheaper. Usually you have a large number of friends who can help you pack and load the truck, when you reach the other end this is not going to be the case, especially if it is a cross country move. In many cases a full service moving company on Long Island turns out to be the best solution, it can cost less as they normally get return loads and you will not have to hire a crew to unload and place the furniture at the other end.

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