Who to Call When You Need Industrial Tank Cleaning in Oklahoma

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Oil and Gas

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It is dirty, sensitive and sometimes even dangerous work, but someone has to do it. What you need, in essence, is a high-tech garbage man, one with the right equipment, who plans the entire tank cleaning project out in advance with great care, and who does not make mistakes. Mistakes are bad, and have grave consequences.

When you need to have sludge removed, hazardous waste taken away or industrial tanks cleaned, it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor with trained technicians. Whether your tanks are located at a power plant, oil refinery, or product terminal, you can trust ORI Environmental’s staff of highly experienced workers to do the job right the first time. ORI recognizes the complexity of many large scale Tank Cleaning services Oklahoma jobs and has the know-how to handle the intricacies of each individual job with precision and safety, complying with all applicable state and federal laws and guidelines. It is critical that all removal of materials that are potentially hazardous to the environment be dealt with in appropriate and ecologically responsible fashion, coordinating when necessary with reclamation and disposal facilities. It matters not whether you’re cleaning the tanks to change out their contents, to do repairs, for inspection, or to take them out of operation, ORI Environmental will complete the job to your satisfaction in a timely and cost effective manner. If you have hazardous waste contaminating the soil, tanks that are damaged or leaking, spills or other waste concerns, they are the firm for that job as well.

When choosing a contractor to handle Tank Cleaning Oklahoma, it is important to consider, in addition to the contractor’s skills, training, experience and track record, his equipment. Down time is money lost, and broken equipment without spare parts on hand to repair key components is not something any site manager wants to have happen on his watch. Either air or alternately, hydraulically powered equipment is preferred in environments that are potentially combustible or explosive. Air filtering equipment is also a necessity. Spare valves, tools, fittings, gaskets, etc. should be part and parcel of the on-board equipment the selected company supplies.

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