Why Choose LED Bulbs for Your Parking Lot Lights

by | May 15, 2014 | Shopping

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When you own property that has a parking lot, it is your responsibility to keep your patrons and your employees safe when they are coming and going from your facilities. One of the easiest ways to keep your parking lot safe is to install lights that will illuminate the area at night. While there are a variety of lighting options, LED parking lot lights have become a go to product for many business owners. If you have thought about using LED lights, but weren’t sure of the benefits, keep reading. The following are the top three reasons why more people are choosing to meet their outdoor lighting needs with LED bulbs. Make your parking lot safe and easy to maintain by only choosing quality LED bulbs for your lighting needs.

Long Life

Maintaining lights for your parking lot can be a lot of work. Once the lights are installed, you have to make sure that you replace any bulbs that burn out. An LED bulb lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, so you wont’ have to worry about changing them out as often. Make sure your parking lot stays safe without creating extra work by only choosing LED bulbs.

Low Energy Usage

One of the greatest benefits to using LEDs for your parking lot lights is the increased energy savings you will receive. LED bulbs use up to half the energy of a regular light bulbs, which means a lower electricity bill, and more money in your pocket. Don’t let your safety improvements cost you an arm and a leg, when you can save money with LED bulbs.

Instant Brightness

Traditional incandescent bulbs can take up to 20 minutes to warm up and reach full brightness. LED bulbs provide instant full lighting, so your lights are at maximum brightness from the moment they turn on. This makes your parking lot safe from the minute you turn your lights on, without having to wait for the bulbs to warm up.

If you are ready to take the safety of your outdoor spaces seriously, make sure you consider LED bulbs. The LED Lighting Shop has a full inventory of money saving LED products you can use to help keep your property safe without it costing you a fortune. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in making your business a safer place for your customers, your employees and yourself.

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