Why Converting to Solar Power in Maui is Becoming More Popular

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Solar

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Hawaii’s temperate climate guarantees that residents enjoy year round sunshine, and many of them are harnessing this, in the form of solar energy. The use of Solar Power in Maui is on the rise, because locals have discovered its many benefits, including:

  • EFFICIENCY: When solar equipment is installed by skilled professionals, such as The Sonshine Solar Corp., it is capable of converting from 15% – 40% of the sun’s energy into electricity. The technology is constantly evolving, and improvements in collectors have vastly increased efficiency.
  • RELIABILITY: Professional installers ensure reliability when they install the equipment needed for Solar Power in Maui homes. They use all brass and copper fittings, and will fully insulate their copper pipes. Technicians prevent rust and corrosion by using only stainless and anodized aluminum on areas that are exposed to the elements. The experienced technicians at Sonshine Solar make sure that systems are carefully installed, in order to maximize equipment life.
  • SAVINGS: Hawaiians can lower electric bills as much as 90% when they convert to solar energy. The Hawaiian Electric Company has stated that an average homeowner can reduce monthly utility bills by 30-50% when they invest in a properly-installed solar water heater. In addition, the Hawaii Energy Efficient Program offers tax credits on photovoltaic systems. These can equal 35 percent of the installed cost. Solar systems also entitle homeowners to Federal energy tax credits.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The average four-person household using a traditional electric hot water heater generates about 6400 kilowatts of electricity each year. That usage produces approximately eight tons of carbon dioxide, which is twice what an average automobile emits. In contrast, solar power is a sustainable, eco-friendly energy source that preserves natural resources. Solar energy has no effect on the climate, does not produce nuclear waste, and does not change the landscape.

Hawaiians are increasingly choosing solar energy over traditional home and hot water heating systems. They are making the change because solar energy offers a reliable, efficient, and sustainable source of power that does not harm the environment. It is also an economical choice that helps users reduce utility costs.

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