Why Excavator Rental in Baltimore MD Could Be the Solution to Your Project Challenges

Many contractors have had to rent construction equipment at one time or other. The equipment could have been large or small, a large excavator or a hydraulic hammer. There is no dishonor in renting such high-end equipment! For years, contractors have realized that hiring equipment for a specific project makes excellent sense. For example, you could have bid and won an excavation project; however, your midsized excavator will not complete the job in time and you need to approach a firm dealing with excavator rental in Baltimore MD for a larger model.

It Makes Financial Sense to Rent

The rented, larger model, excavator will dig much more, earning you more per hour than the one lying in your yard. You will not even have spent a couple of hundred thousand for the bigger excavator that you might not require in the next one year, so you just rent one for two to three weeks.

Such a decision is wise and one of the main reasons why rental businesses thrive. An interesting statistic is that most contractors who hire such equipment end up buying the same equipment used or new, in two years time.

Rental Agreements Take into Consideration Low Activity Periods

If your excavation project was to be delayed for a number of days or weeks, it is important that you address such periods while negotiating the rental agreement. Such rental agreements will help avoid paying for a rented excavator while it lies idle and is not making any money for you. A good rental agency will have provisions for such low activity periods.

A Chance to Test the Excavator Before Purchasing One

Another advantage of renting an excavator is that it gives you a chance to test out new technologies before you commit yourself by purchasing the excavator. Even if the excavator is expensive, -; often priced at around a hundred thousand or much more -; it does not mean that new technology is better for you. Renting the excavator for a short period will help you test it out and make a firm decision on whether it is too much for your crew or just the machine you need to improve your firm’s productivity.

At Slaymaker Rental and Supply, you will get an excavator rental in Baltimore MD to improve your business operations and increase your profit margin.

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