Why Google+ is Imperative for Property Managers

Real estate asset managers probably get bored out of their minds when it comes to hearing about the programs and websites they need to join in order to become a success within the rental management industry.  Most of them feel they are fine as they are if revenues are high and customers are happy.  In some cases, this may be true, but they need to look at the bigger picture of how the property management industry is going to change over the next several years.  Tenants want to find properties, view them, and seal the deal all online and without a hassle.  With more than 400 million users and counting, Google + will truly open a world of potential for owners, and any property manager in Baton Rouge and in other parts of the world.

No Anonymous Reviews

Most review websites have reviews that are not only fake but highly unreliable.  Anybody can post a review, and this is really bad for property managers since people can often post the reviews anonymously on these websites.  Google+ has set the bar high by allowing only registered users to post reviews.  The user will be required to create a profile before they will be granted full access to Google+ features.  This is a great maneuver on Google’s part because it encourages honesty and quality reviews.  Review posters will no longer be able to hide since they must be logged in.  The review they write will be posted to their profile for millions of users to see.  This should keep things honest and read worthy.

What Google+ Can Offer Property Owners and Managers

Property managers worldwide will be glad to know that Google+ supports direct chat, meaning you can talk to potential tenants and industry contacts directly through the website.  This reduces the amount of time spent to find quality tenants, and it streamlines the process to get things done much more accurately and efficiently.  Property managers will have the ability to video chat with multiple users at the same time, which makes the platform a perfect venue to showcase properties through virtual tours.  They will be able to watch YouTube videos, share documents, and conduct business in a face-to-face virtual atmosphere.  No other social networking site will offer the same level of service that Google+ will offer.

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