Why Hiring a Certified Legal Video Specialist for Your Video Deposition Is Necessary

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Law

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Video depositions have become quite popular across the legal community, for good reasons. Nothing grabs and holds a jury’s attention like video. Videotaped depositions have the ability to show what written transcripts cannot, including facial expressions, body movements and voice intonation. Though video depositions are a wonderful tool, the video creation process is not something to be taken on by amateurs. Below are three reasons why you should enlist the services of a professional to cover your video deposition:

Video Quality

Lawyers may be tempted to record a deposition with a webcam or computer camera. This idea is not ideal. A video deposition should be recorded with a high quality camera so that the subject is clearly visible, including facial expressions or slight gestures. Lighting is also important. A Certified Legal Video Specialist from Depo International will use a high-quality backdrop to make sure that your video comes across in a professional manner.

Etiquette Tips

Etiquette is also an important part of a video deposition. For example, witnesses should wear plain, neutral-colored clothing with no shiny jewelry or accessories which would create a camera glare. Chewing gum is generally unacceptable and fidgeting and other unnecessary movement should be minimized. When you hire a certified legal video specialist from Depo International, he or she will be able to advise lawyers and witnesses on proper video deposition etiquette to ensure the best possible video product.

Special Services

A legal video specialist from Depo International can provide you with special services that will save you time and hassle. You may receive a synchronized transcript to view alongside your video, making the deposition easy to read and view simultaneously. You may also ask for video clips to be created, allowing you to focus on the necessary parts of the video deposition at your convenience.

In legal proceedings, the quality of your videotaped deposition is important. You must remember that your video presentation will be reviewed by a judge or legal team. It is vital to your case that what comes across is clear, professional and appropriate. Hiring a Certified Legal Specialist from Depo International will give you peace of mind that your video deposition will be presented in the best way possible.


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