Why Is Legal Help So Important When You are Owed Child Support in GA?

Child support is something no child should have to go without. Just as it takes two people to create a child, it also takes two to support them. If you are a single parent and are not getting support from the other parent, you are entitled to get help through the court. This will involve working to get a child support order in place and tracking down a parent who is trying to evade the law. Through the help of a child support attorney, you can rest assured your child will have the Child Support in GA they need and deserve.

How Can an Attorney Pursue Someone for Child Support?
Unfortunately, some parents try to avoid supporting their children by evading the law. These parents, called deadbeat parents, are constantly changing jobs, moving from location to location and even working at jobs where they are paid cash. This despicable behavior causes your child to go without the support they need. In this type of scenario, a lawyer will use an investigative team to track the location of the person. Finding out as much information as possible on the offender will allow the attorney to get a judge involved, so the person can be brought in for a child support order hearing.

The amount of Child Support in GA to be ordered will depend on the number of children and the amount of income the parent has. The judge will also look at any assets the person owns. If there are non-essential assets and a person owes back child support, these could be garnished and sold, to pay the support owed. In many cases, a judge will also put in an order for the child support to come out of each paycheck. This ensures your child will be given support as long as the parent is working.

If your child is not receiving the child support they deserve and you would like help in pursuing the non-custodial parent, contact Business Name. She can help you in fighting for your child’s support and will help you through every aspect of the process. Visit website for more information.

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