Why Pet grooming in Howard Beach Is Good For Your Dog Or Cat And You

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Animal

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Many pet owners are guilty of not groomer their pets and much as they should. Grooming your pet helps your pet and you. The following are a few reasons why you should be more willing to groom your pet.

Do you keep a dog or cat inside of the house? Dogs and cats tend to grow long and sharp nails. In the wild these nails would come in handy when searching for food and fighting off attackers. Fortunately, your animals are inside and don’t need those dangerous nails. If you don’t trim your dog’s or cat’s claws, your pets will eventually start to suffer. Nails can become extremely long and can make it very painful for them to walk and run. Nails that grow too long have been know to break off and cause bleeding. Cats with long nails have also been known to damage carpeting and furniture. Take your dog or cat in for regular pet grooming in Howard Beach to keep those nails down.

Grooming also comes in handy when you have a long-haired dog or cat. Dogs and cats with long hair tend to look nice, but the hair they have tends to grow and make a mess all over the house. Avoid cleaning up hair everywhere by regularly grooming your pet’s hair. Some people like to cut their pet’s hair on their own, and other prefer a professional groomer. If you choose to do your own cutting, make sure to always go with the grain.


Regularly visiting a service for Pet grooming in Howard Beach also helps if you have allergies. Pet dander tends to be a problem for many people. Small hairs float around in the air and can cause allergy problems and respiratory issues. Regular grooming can help relieve your home of pet dander and allergy problems.

Grooming your animal also helps them to look nice. Often times dogs and cats go without being properly groomed for so long that their hair starts to become tangled and matted. It can be very difficult to cut the hair of a dog or cat who has matted hair. In order to avoid this consider taking your dog or cat to see a groomer once every two weeks. This will help to avoid tangles and will keep them looking nice.

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