Why should you clean the air ducts in your home?

Jun 26, 14 Why should you clean the air ducts in your home?

There is a very simple answer to that particular question; because they get dirty. There is no such thing as a house which does not have dust and dirt in it, dust is raised simply by moving around, dirt is tracked in from the outside every day. Although dust and dirt are certainly responsible for fouling the air conditioning and heating ducts in your home there are other reasons to clean the ducts, these include having residents who are asthmatic or have allergies, foul odors from smoking, pet hair and water contamination which may result in an active mold colony.

It is possible for the homeowner to do an inspection of sorts of the ducts. Once you remove a register, either on the floor or wall use a mirror and flashlight to look into the ducts as far as you can, if in your opinion the ducts are full of debris, dust and even vermin, then arranging to have them cleaned is something that you should consider.

There is more to Minneapolis air duct cleaning than simply cleaning the ducts. The ducts are only one part of a HVAC system, all of the components need to be cleaned, failure to do so will only mean recontamination of the system which will negate any benefits from cleaning.

There are two main elements of duct cleaning, one is breaking contaminates loose from the interior walls of the duct and the other is collecting the debris. Professionals who perform these services have specially designed tools that they use; these tools include brushes, air whips as well as compressed air nozzles. Depending on the location the technicians also rely on hand brushing and vacuuming.

During the agitation process the entire duct system is placed under negative pressure, this vacuum prevents any spread of contaminates prior to them being properly vacuumed up and disposed of. The vacuum effect also removes tiny airborne dust particles to be removed; this ensures that they do not get exhausted into the homes living space once the system is reenergized after cleaning.

Once the ducts and the other components of the heating and cooling system gave been thoroughly cleaned a sanitizer, disinfectant or deodorizer can be used, they address the issue of microbial contamination and help to keep odors under control. It is important that you as the homeowner is fully aware that only chemicals that are FDA approved can be used and should only be applied once mechanical cleaning is finished.

If you feel your air ducts may be contaminated then you are invited to contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities, the experts at Minneapolis air duct cleaning who employ all the right tools and techniques to contain the contaminates.

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