Why to Use a Tree Stump Grinder in Anaheim

May 14, 19 Why to Use a Tree Stump Grinder in Anaheim

The removal of a tree is only the first step in the process. The stump remains even once the tree comes down and the branches and trunk either hauled away or chipped. Some people choose to let nature takes its course and allow the stump to rot away over time. It may seem easier to do this, but some valid reasons exist for stump removal.

Trees May Grow

Tree roots in the ground can sprout and result in a new tree taking the place of the fallen one. The stump enables this to happen because it can feed the roots with the nutrients left in its wood. The possibility for tree growth in this area can continue for years. Some people may be okay with the appearance of a new tree, but many people remove trees because they were in an unacceptable location. Hire a Tree Stump Grinder in Anaheim if a replacement tree is unwanted.

Yard is Compromised

Trees supply shade and homes for wildlife. Tree stumps get in the way and typically only house insects. A tree stump is a hazard that people can trip over, lawn mowers must navigate around, and reduces the look of the landscape. It is possible that the existence of the rotting stump could lower the value of the property.

Space is Reduced

A Tree Stump Grinder in Anaheim can remove the stump and free-up square footage on the lawn that would have otherwise become useless. Fill in the void once a stump removal takes place and the area can become a spot for a garden, a picnic table or many other uses. Leave the stump in place and it can serve to maybe hold a plant pot -; at least until it begins to decay.

A tree removal company can also grind and remove the stump as well as the rest of the tree at the same time as the removal takes place. Even if the homeowner wants to plant a new tree to replace the lost one, stump removal will offer a clean, flat spot where the new growth can begin. Companies like Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc can grind stumps for trees they remove or stumps that have been a nuisance for years. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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