Why You May Need Squirred Control Services

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Pest Control

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Although squirrels may be seen as cute lovable little creatures, they can pose a threat to your home and yard. It only takes one to get into your surrounding living area to become impacted. They can multiply quickly and overtake your trees, flowers, and attic. A Squirrel Control Rochester NY company can reduce these animals and eliminate them from causing damage as well as save you money.

The landscaping that you had professionally done can be destroyed from squirrels searching for food to eat. They can dig up your flower bulbs and perennials that are planted in your yard. This can cost you money to fix and replace. If you do not see any flowers blooming from bulbs that were purchased and planted in previous years this is the main reason why.

Squirrels will also scatter seeds and nuts all around your yard. If you are not careful, there may be many items in your yard that you do not want. Quick growing trees can take over and will then need to be cut down. They can be hiding in places close to your home. Trees that are close together allows the animals to travel from tree to tree.

Another source of complaint may be your home’s attic. This is the perfect living condition for them. They are sheltered from the outside elements. They can provide a safe haven for their young and can evade you should if try and remove them. Cats may only work when they can get access to them in low lying areas. And chemicals may not work.

Squirrels may also eat and fruits, and nuts that you are growing for your personal use. Any harvest that you expect can be eliminated as they will eat it all. City ordinances may not permit you to kill them which can create a bigger problem for you. You want a way to get rid of them without breaking any laws. This is why you need to hire a professional that can capture them and stop them from returning. You can get started quickly so that your landscape, flowers, and food items are protected.

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