Why You Need Abel Hemostats Included with Your Gear

by | May 24, 2014 | Shopping

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For those that enjoy fly fishing, it is important to have some sort of Abel hemostats in your gear bag because they are incredibly important for making your own flies. There are many hemostats available, but Abel has a great design and is an innovative company, which is why their products are in such high demand.

Locking Mechanism

The older version of the hemostat also locked, but it was very difficult to unlock. A hybrid hemostat will also lock, but it is optional. This is helpful if you put the hemostat on the wrong area or need to readjust for any reason. It is also simpler to get off when you are finished with it. The hybrid allows you to engage the lock with a simple press of the thumb and when you lightly squeeze the handles, the lock will disengage. It makes it more comfortable to grip and to use.

Good Size

These Abel hybrid hemostats are a decent size to handle trout fishing well and they are less bulky than a set of pliers on the wading belt. You can clip them to a zinger or lanyard like a regular hemostat and you can have the ease of use. You could also use these hybrid hemostats for light saltwater fly fishing, as well, such as bonefish flies, though larger tackle may require specific pliers.

Crimp Small

Because the hybrid hemostat is completely flat on one side, it makes it easier to crimp down barbs. The hemostat is also tapered to a point, which makes it easy to de-barb hooks, as well. This can be exceptionally helpful, as sometimes the fly is tiny. If you can’t crimp down any barb, the tool is useless and you won’t find that problem with the Abel brand.

Jaw Replacement Available

Of course, when you purchase something, you want to use it enough to get your money’s worth, and there won’t have a problem with that from the Abel brand. However, after many uses (probably years’ worth), you will see the jaws start to wear. When this happens, you aren’t going to be required to buy a whole new hemostat—simply replace the jaws.

Cold Weather Fishing

Some people truly enjoy fly fishing in cold weather. However, it can be difficult when you must continuously remove your gloves to loop your fingers into the forceps. With the hybrid model, you can wear any type of glove and still be fully operational.

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