Why You Need Different Gelatin Capsules Sizes and Styles

Empty capsules might not seem like you think you’d want on hand all the time, but they have a surprising number of uses. Gelatin capsules sizes vary and they come in different styles to fulfill different needs. Why would you want a bunch of empty capsules? You want them for the health and well-being of your family and pets, that’s why.

Change Doses

Gelatin capsules sizes vary from holding as much as 1600mg of medication or supplements to as little as 120mg. If you have trouble swallowing large pills, you can separate your medication into smaller capsules. If you hate taking many pills, you can add all of one type of medication into a large capsule and only take one pill. Do not mix medications as they might react together adversely.

Add Flavor

You can purchase empty capsules that are flavored. You can choose different fruit flavors such as strawberry or you can choose mint flavors. For fun, you can even choose coffee flavored capsules. Gelatin capsules are designed to mask the medication taste, but some people still hate the taste or the fear of tasting the medicine. Kids are a great example. Make sure they get their medications and vitamins by putting it all in flavored capsules.

Medicate Pets

Giving pets pills is never an easy task. You have to hide the pills in treats and after a couple of times, they always figure it out. You can get meat flavored empty capsules to trick your pet into thinking he’s only getting a treat and not medicine. Choose from beef, chicken, or pork flavored capsules. Slip the medication inside and he will never catch on to the trick.


Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin comes from collagen found in animals. Some people have allergies to gelatin while other people not to eat animal by-products for personal or religious reasons. If you fit either of categories, you can make taking medication easier by using vegetarian capsules and filling them yourself. Vegetarian capsules are made using cellulose from plants.

Filling empty capsules is easy with a capsule filling machine. Most capsule companies sell machines and some even provide small machines free with purchase. You’ll have your own pharmacy running in home in no time. To learn more about why you need different gelatin capsules sizes and styles.

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