Why You Need to Make Use of Spray Insulation in Wichita, KS

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

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A lack of insulation within the home is a contributing factor to high energy bills. You may want to run out and purchase rolls of insulation so you can rectify this situation, but, before you do so, take the time to learn the benefits of Spray insulation Wichita KS. Not only will you see immediate benefits from adding Spray insulation Wichita KS, you’ll see long term ones too. Here are some of the numerous benefits you’ll see in a short period of time.

Your energy bills will decrease, in some cases by as much as 50 percent, and you’ll need to use your air conditioner and whole house heater less often as the spray insulation works to seal gaps in the home. The entire home becomes more energy efficient. If your AC/heating unit isn’t properly sized for the home, the spray insulation can help to rectify the situation by reducing the load put on the unit. In addition, you’ll find that you are able to sell your home for more thanks to the addition of spray insulation.

There are numerous health benefits associated with adding spray insulation to your home. Not only will this reduce the amount of moisture entering the home, reducing the risk of mold growth, it also reduces the number of pollutants and allergens you’ll breath in. Indoor air quality improves, and critters and pests are going to find your home isn’t a pleasant place for them to live or nest. You’ll notice fewer hot and cold spots in the home, as well as fewer drafts and your risk of respiratory distress decreases.

Other benefits of choosing spray insulation are numerous. You’ll add structural integrity to the structure, especially if you choose closed cell insulation, and airborne noise will decrease, both that noise coming from within the home and that from external sources. These benefits are both immediate and long term.

Contact NorthStar Comfort Services to learn more about spray insulation and how it will be of benefit to you. You’ll quickly see the return on your investment, you’ll pay off the initial cost in a short period of time, and then you’ll continue to save money each month on your energy bills and possibly health care costs too. Learn more today as the longer you put this off, the more money you are throwing away. Visit website page for more information.

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