Why You Should Draft Your Prenuptial Agreement with Someone Who Knows Family Law Colorado Springs

Though some people would rather avoid talking about it, a prenuptial agreement is an important step for engaged couples who would like to protect their assets. Because prenuptial agreements are legally binding documents, it’s vital that each party is clear about their needs and wants and are able to make arrangements that are mutually satisfying. In order to do this successfully, it helps to have assistance from an experienced lawyer who can provide rational advice for couples who are about to make the leap into marriage. If you’ve wondered how a prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you and your fiance, here’s three ways that you can benefit from their legal counsel:

Making Sure You’re In Compliance

Many engaged couples believe that the only thing that matters in their marriage contract is that the two of them agree on how to divide assets in the case of a divorce. However, some of those same couples are shocked to find out that this simply isn’t the case. There are complex laws that govern prenuptial agreements, and it’s important that your contract is fully compliant with all of the laws in your state. A qualified attorney will be able to help you draft an appropriate agreement that meets your needs and takes all applicable laws into account.

Making Sure the Agreement Is Fair

You may also be surprised to learn that it is highly recommended that each party entering into a marriage contract retain their own separate lawyer. This is because the courts are generally weary of enforcing a prenuptial agreement that wasn’t drafted with independent legal help. If a judge believes that your agreement is unfair to the person who didn’t have the opportunity to consult legal counsel, there is a possibility that it could be thrown out. In order to make sure that no one is being taken advantage of and that your contract will hold up in court, both of you need to hire good lawyers who have your best interest at heart.

Family Law Colorado Springs is a serious matter, and you need a lawyer who will take your prenuptial agreement seriously. Once you and your fiance have talked openly about what you want, consider calling the law offices of David Koppa. Visit the website to learn more about how he can help you draft a fair agreement that will protect you as you enter the next stage of your life.

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