Why you should Hire a Custody Lawyer

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Law

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A lot of marriages today end in divorce. There are also more unmarried mothers today than there were in earlier years. If you find yourself in either of these situations, getting a custody lawyer becomes necessary. When it comes to determining who gets custody of the children, you cannot afford to fight the legal battles on your own. It is important to have legal representation that you can rely on.

Usually, courts will side with the mother when it comes to getting custody of the children. The argument is that since the mother is the nurturer, the children will flourish more under her care. However, your former spouse may want to contest this. You will therefore need a custody lawyer to prove that you are indeed better suited to take care of the children.

In child custody cases, you have the option of getting sole custody or joint custody. Depending on the situation, your custody lawyer, Monroe County NY will advise you on what type of custody to contest. If your partner is abusive, you want to do everything to ensure that your children are as far away from them as possible. In this instance, seeking sole guardianship is your best bet. If on the other hand you think your partner could adequately handle taking care of your children, joint custody is the way to go. However in both cases, you will need a lawyer to take care of the documentation.

A custody lawyer will also help you take care of the issues of visitation, child support and any other legal matters involving your children as far as separation is concerned. When hiring a lawyer, you need to ensure that they have experience in cases such as yours. You need someone you feel confident in as custody cases can sometimes get complex. It is also important to ascertain that the lawyer is knowledgeable, legally and academically. Asking about cases they have handled before will help you gauge their track record.

It is important that you choose a custody lawyer, Monroe County NY who you feel comfortable around. Remember, in the course of your case, personal and family matters may come to the surface. You want someone you do not feel ashamed to discuss these matters with.

While some people will opt to get a lawyer through a simple online search, you might want to settle for someone who comes with recommendations from trusted friends. If you are a member of a support group, you could ask some of your fellow members to refer the lawyers they have used for their cases.

The bottom line is that a custody lawyer is your friend as far as your custody case is concerned. If you are on amicable terms with your partner, your lawyer may suggest an out of court agreement.

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