Why You Should Repair Your Chevy Instrument Cluster Instead of Buying New

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Auto Body Parts

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Though Chevy vehicles are meant to last a long time, the instrument cluster could start having problems. This is actually quite common and the types of problems can include gauges that work improperly or not at all, lighting problems and having indicators that malfunction, including the odometer and transmission indicators. Though dealerships want you to replace your instrument cluster, you do have options, including repairs.


If you purchase a new Chevy instrument cluster from the dealership or even an auto-parts store, it will need to be configured properly to work correctly with your vehicle. Purchasing a used model will also require programming. This will cost extra at the dealerships, so consider an instrument cluster repair company that works with Chevy clusters.


Though you will likely have some sort of warranty with a new cluster purchase at a dealership, you will pay more, as well. Used units don’t come with warranties except in very rare instances, so your best bet is to use a professional repair or rebuilding company to repair your current Chevy instrument cluster. These companies provide a warranty on the new parts used on the old cluster and will replace those parts if they break again.

New Parts

When anything is broken, you must use new parts for the older, non-working parts. The same is true with a Chevy instrument cluster. The bad parts are replaced with new parts, meaning you have all the updated components. There is a great benefit to doing this because more problems can be diverted. Your new parts will stop new problems from arising.


Everyone wants to cut corners and save money whenever possible. The biggest problem with new clusters is that they are very expensive. Finding a company that will rebuild and repair your old Chevy cluster can save you up to 50 percent without cutting any corners. You will have a well-built instrument cluster for about half the price of a brand new one.


In some cases, people are tempted to ignore the problem, thinking it will go away or they will do it when they have more money. This can lead to many problems, especially if the cluster that doesn’t work involves your speedometer or other gauges. Take the time now to talk with repair and rebuild shops about your instrument cluster for your Chevy before things get out of hand.

Chevy instrument cluster repair is easy for a professional and can save you money. Contact D & D Instruments for your repair needs.

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