Why Your Business Needs On Site Document Shredding in Los Angeles

In today’s world of information theft, destroying your business’ sensitive data is essential. Data theft, security breeches and fraud cases are on the rise. The average cost of a security breech is about $5.4 million and 43% of all breeches are from physical documents thrown away intact. On Site Document Shredding in Los Angeles is cheaper, more secure and safer than shredding the data yourself.

There are two main kinds of shredding services, on site and off site. Off Site shredding has added risk because multiple unknown parties will handle the material. Documents destroyed with an on site operation never leave the company’s location. It is even possible to witness the process of shredding your confidential paperwork.

Many consumers are worried about their personal information’s security, and your business can be a step above your competitors. Deciding to personally shred your documents at your business can be expensive and a security risk. Shredding material takes employees away from their usual duties, causing higher labor costs, especially if you have large amounts of material to be destroyed. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) recommends shredding documents as the safest way to dispose of these materials.

The Aberdeen Group, a tech adviser, states that about $221 billion is lost a year due to corporate identity fraud. Corporate identity fraud is the wrongful acquiring of a business’ name or identity for financial gains. Another problem that has increased is electronic data theft, as many people do not know that information on hard drives can still be read, even after deletion. A shredding service can destroy these hard drives before your business experiences a costly security breech. When you use On Site Document Shredding in Los Angeles, you can assure your customers that all sensitive data is being destroyed in a secure manner.

Shredding your sensitive material can cost three to five times as much as using a shredding service, and documents thrown away can be read by anyone, legally. There is no better business decision than to enjoy the benefits of an on site shredding service’s cheaper and safer process.

Shred Confidential offers business shredding services for all mediums and records.

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