Will Good Fundraiser Photography In Washington DC Help Raise More Money?

The purpose of any fundraiser is obvious; even if the purpose to which those funds will be put is not. The prime objective is to raise as much money as possible by way of donations. Anyone contemplating such an event needs to plan it well if it is to succeed.

People Do Not Generally Give Their Money Away

Your fundraiser could be a small collection for charity at a place where a group of friends regularly meet; or it could be much more ambitious in its aims and targets; but, every fundraiser needs to attract the potential donors. Once you have their attention; then, you can start your “pitch” towards getting them to part with their money. This applies as much to individual people as it does to large corporations; if they do not know about you and know nothing about your intentions; why would they wish to hand over cash to you?

Before And After Publicity

This is where you need to be considering what type of fundraiser photography in Washington DC will best suit your aims. If you simply want to raise a little money to purchase equipment for your kids’ soccer team; maybe a flyer with a few shots of the kids playing will be more than sufficient; but, if you are attempting to raise funds on a much grander scale; you will definitely need effective publicity.

For the advance publicity, you will want to let potential donors see where their donations will be going; what better way than providing them with photographs? Maybe you have some already; taken on your phone camera the last time you visited the orphanage, hospital, school; or, whatever it is that you are raising money for; but, how convincing are your amateur shots?

Do It Professionally

What you should be looking for in your fundraiser photography in Washington DC is a series of shots that tell the story behind your activities. These will be better taken by an experienced photojournalist; who will not only take great individual photographs; but, also has the skill to put them together in way that really does explain your aims.

Assuming the advance publicity is successful; then, you may wish to continue working with the expert in fundraiser photography for Washington DC and release further pictures of people who attended your fundraising event and the use to which the funds were later put. A good fundraiser shouldn’t be a single isolated case; a continuous flow of funds is a far better aim.

Should you need expert fundraiser photography in Washington DC; the people to contact are the photojournalists at the Rodney Bailey group. Call them on 703-440-4086 to get their insights into your project.

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