Will Your Insurance Cover Car Paint Repairs?

If your car’s paintwork has suffered major or minor damage, you’ll want to ensure you get it fixed with high quality car paint in Leighton Buzzard. One question that many people have when it comes to car paint jobs is whether their insurance will cover it. The cost of repainting a car can be surprisingly expensive. In order to determine whether your insurance will cover it you’ll need to look closely at your policy.

Comprehensive cover

When you take out comprehensive car insurance you are basically covered against most types of damage. If you have a car accident and your own vehicle is damaged, the insurance will pay for the repairs. It also covers vandalism such as if your car is keyed and the paintwork is damaged. This is the one time paintwork may be covered by your insurance policy. If you simply have third party insurance you won’t be covered at all for your own car.

Cosmetic insurance

It is possible to take out additional cosmetic car insurance. This covers you if you get a chip in the windscreen or if there’s any general wear and tear. Comprehensive cover does not typically include cosmetic wear and tear problems. Therefore if you are looking to use insurance when choosing car paint in Leighton Buzzard, you may need to think about having additional cover.

Read your policy carefully

It’s so important to read through any insurance policy before you sign up. While it’s not exactly a fun job, you really need to pay attention to the small print. There could be a large number of things not covered by your policy. The last thing you need after an accident is to find that you’re not covered by your insurance.
In terms of car paint, it is defined as a cosmetic job unless it was damaged in an accident. Therefore if you want a simply repaint for cosmetic reasons, your standard insurance policy is unlikely to cover it. All policies are different though so it is worth checking.

There are many suppliers of car paint in Leighton Buzzard so you could choose to do the paintwork yourself. However, it is recommended that you pay a professional if you want the best results. This is particularly important if you have a top manufacturer car such as an Audi or Mercedes.

Whether you need a full car body repair or a complex and sophisticated car paint job, website possess all the necessary expertise and experience. Visit them online!

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