With An E Cigarette; Flavors Are Everything

It wasn’t all that long ago that no one had even heard of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes; or e-cigs); but, in a short span of time, they seem to be in use anywhere and everywhere that old fashioned tobacco smoking is allowed and Governments are raising concerns and calling for full scientific studies on the long term effects of e-cigs. How did this all come about so quickly?

Weaning People Away From Tobacco

The Hollywood glamour and outdoor life appeal of cigarette smoking has long faded away; to be replaced with horrific disease pictures and major announcements about the huge health risks associated with tobacco in general and cigarettes in particular. Some confirmed smokers choose to ignore all the bad press; others shrug and say – “Well, I know that I should give it up; but I am not quite able to do so just now”. Even banning smoking from a long list of public (and workplace) places has not made too much difference to the confirmed smoker.

Let Them Suck Vapor

Nevertheless, the continuous campaigns have had effect and a basic reduction in numbers of people smoking is apparent. There are two ironic factors arising out of this; one being the huge sums of money that Governments raise from taxes and duties on the tobacco products that they are trying to ban and; secondly, the rapid rise of the e-cig.

The first commercial e-cigs were introduced in China in 2004 as an official aid to help people stop smoking. The Chinese users still got a shot of nicotine from the vapor that they inhaled from their e-cigs; but without the carbon monoxide, tars and other unhealthy substances. These devices soon caught the attention of the rest of the world where many people initially latched on to the concept of their being a safe way to smoke (despite no clear cut, irrefutable proof of such a statement).

But Nicotine Laced Vapor Is Boring

Something was missing from the early e-cigs and it didn’t take very long, for those, trying them out, to figure that the missing bit was taste. As a starter, ways were found to mimic the actual taste of a major brand cigarette and add this to the nicotine containing liquid to be vaporized. It improved popularity somewhat; but, the real breakthrough came when enterprising vapers (as they were becoming to be called) modified the fluid further to obtain anE Cigarette with Flavors. Since these flavors were in exciting and even exotic tastes; people stated to vape for no other reason than to taste the E Cigarette Flavors and the popularity of e-cigs was confirmed.

Sooner or later, vapers are going to need to replenish their supply of E Cigarette Flavors; or they might wish to experiment with different tastes. The online store of  carries virtually any flavor that you could possibly desire.

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