Wrinkles and Lines? The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Aurora, IL Can Help

No one looks forward to aging. A person may be fit and healthy, but have facial lines and discolorations that make them look much older and less robust. They should make an appointment with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, IL to find out what can be done to improve their appearance. A person might not be ready for a full face lift, but there are many other smaller procedures that can give a person a more youthful appearance. Many people begin with botox injections to fill out facial wrinkles, lines and even surgical scars. In only 15 minutes the injections relax the facial nerves in the wrinkled areas. Soon the muscles relax and the expression lines fade.

Years of sun exposure can also cause dark spots on a person’s face and hands. It can also exacerbate wrinkles and lines. The best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, IL can use laser treatments to resurface the skin. There are different kinds of lasers and they all treat different kinds of skin problems. It is therefore important to choose a cosmetic surgeon that is knowledgeable about a wide range of laser treatments. Patients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin damage will benefit from laser resurfacing. The surgeon uses a laser to remove the upper layers of skin. The body then replaces the old worn skin with new skin that has a healthier appearance. While the recovery time is longer, then improvement lasts much longer than other treatments.

Nora Ephron wrote a book that began “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” Many older men and women would agree with her. They can speak with the best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, Ill about having a neck lift. This procedure which is also called a cervicoplasty will tighten up loose and sagging neck skin and firm the jawline. There are also younger people who use this to rid themselves of double chins. The cosmetic surgeon at the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery will evaluate the cause of the problem which can be excessive fat, lax muscles or the position of the jaw and chin. He will then recommend the proper surgical procedure to remedy the condition. Browse the site Cclscosmetic.com to know more.

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