You And Your Rights

If the police suspect you of committing certain crimes such as carrying an offensive weapon, drugs or drink driving, they’re entitled to demand your name and address. If your charge is fairly serious, provide your name and address. If you refuse, they may arrest you without a warrant. They may also take fingerprints, photographs and samples but these will be destroyed if you’re acquitted.

Reasons For Arrest
If the police arrest you, they must inform you then or as soon as possible the reasons for the arrest. As soon as you’re detained, they must inform you of your right to see a solicitor or a lawyer. Call 24 hour legal advice in Edinburgh. It is your opportunity to speak to a lawyer of your choice and get legal counsel. The lawyer will make arrangements to take on your case, and come to the station to get better details to represent you.

Read The Detention Code
The police should allow you to inform someone of your detention and peruse the police code of practice: these are the procedures the police should follow. Read the detention code and caution which states, “You do not have to say anything unless you wish to do so, but what you say may be given in evidence.”

Silence is Golden
You don’t have to answer any police questions. Your silence will not be held against you. The police are not allowed to use force to get answers to their questions. It’s against their code. It’s advisable to remain silent: if you answer questions, it might be difficult to prove rules were broken.

Get A Written Record
You don’t have to give a statement. If the police persist, insist on your right to remain silent. The police may offer you the services of the duty solicitor but you’re under no obligation to use them. You’re supposed to sign so that there is a written record of the offer. If you opt to use the duty solicitor, you must be aware that they might not be as objective as you want them to be and if you’re unhappy with their service later, it might be difficult to prove any wrongdoing. It’s advisable to get a list of solicitors and call 24 hour legal advice in Edinburgh. Use a solicitor of your own choice, someone who has your interests at heart.

If you need 24 hour legal advice in Edinburgh, Visit us. He can attend to your case in any police station or court in Scotland. Visit them online.

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