Driveway Stones in Findlay, OH: Is This the Right Choice?

Aug 10, 17 Driveway Stones in Findlay, OH: Is This the Right Choice?

While concrete and asphalt run rampant (and in many situations are the best choice), there’s plenty of room in the world for stone driveways as well. In fact, many people have begun to choose driveway stones purely for the aesthetics. Is a stone driveway right for you?

Misconceptions about Stone Driveways

Some people think that a stone driveway is analogous to a dirt or gravel driveway. However, a loose stone driveway is typically composed of high-end stone over an established gravel driveway. Gravel is different from stone because it is a mixture of stone, clay, and sand.

Once this mixture has been compacted, it provides a good surface for a stone driveway built from driveway stones in Findlay, OH.

Driveway Stones Maintenance

Another misconception that people may have in regards to driveway stones is the amount of maintenance involved. While some types of gravel driveway require re-covering frequently, a stone driveway can be nearly permanent. High-quality Findlay driveway stones do not require excessive maintenance.

On the contrary, they require very little other than raking around the edges of the driveway. This assumes that there is no border around the driveway, however. If your driveway is bordered, you may need no maintenance at all for many years.

Stone Driveways Are Affordable

Another question that many homeowners have relates to affordability. Stone driveways are some of the most affordable driveways available in addition to being some of the most fashionable. At prices that range as low as $1-$5 per square foot, there’s a stone driveway for every budget.

What Preparation Is Required?

If you’re building a stone driveway from scratch, your contractor will first need to remove the sod and topsoil from the area and grade the driveway. They’ll dig out the driveway and then add the gravel base and the stone top layer.

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