Handle The Civil Side Of A Dui Accident With An Accident Attorney

A DUI often leads to an accident, sometimes with serious injuries to those involved. The person who was driving under the influence and who caused the accident will be arrested and charged with the DUI, but that doesn’t help the victim of the accident. What is going to help the victim, however, is contacting their own lawyer for help. They’re going to want to contact an Accident Attorney as quickly as possible. Because of the DUI, the victim likely has quite a few expenses that need to be paid. The insurance company for the at-fault driver is likely willing to pay a settlement to the victim, but often they won’t be willing to pay the full amount the victim is entitled to. This is where a lawyer can be especially beneficial. The lawyer can prove the accident was the fault of the drunk driver and help the victim of the accident obtain compensation for their injuries. This should include any expenses they had as a direct result of the accident. This type of case is going to be separate from the DUI case, so there is likely two different cases the victim will need to be aware of. They may want to keep an eye on the DUI case to find out what the outcome is. A criminal case has a higher demand for evidence, so if the person is convicted of the DUI it’s likely easy to demonstrate they were driving under the influence to the civil courts so the person can obtain the right amount of compensation. These two cases are completely separate, but the outcome of the criminal case can help the outcome of the civil case. If you’ve been in an accident caused by a drunk driver, don’t hesitate to get all of the help you’re going to need. If you’re having trouble obtaining a full settlement to cover all accident-related expenses, make sure you contact an Accident Attorney today. They can talk to you more about the differences between...

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The Benefits of Driveway Asphalt Paving in Toledo, OH

Paving your driveway is a decision that you should make based on a few factors. You should consider the weather in your area, your home, and the ground in your area. Driveways are typically paved with concrete or asphalt. There are advantages and disadvantages to different kinds of materials, but asphalt is the material with the most advantages. Driveway asphalt paving reduces the need for driveway maintenance and repair in most circumstances. Asphalt Is Adaptable Your options for driveways are typically concrete and asphalt. Concrete is a very popular option, but it doesn’t move when the ground shifts. Concrete is poured or imported in massive blocks, and those big blocks don’t shift or move very well. That might be useful in certain scenarios, but it is not necessarily what you always want in a driveway. Driveway asphalt paving in Toledo, OH provides you with a reliable, adaptable surface for your driveway. In areas that experience a lot of rain, the ground can become saturated. That softer ground can cause concrete to shift, exposing cracks and causing the concrete blocks to become uneven. Asphalt is a material that tends to adapt to the ground on which it’s laid. It expands and contracts with the heat, but it doesn’t crack when properly sealed. If you’ve seen a driveway covered in cracks, you’ve seen the biggest problem with using concrete. Call the Professionals You should make sure you call professionals to handle your driveway asphalt paving. They are able to mix and pour the asphalt safely and efficiently. They also have the expertise to make any subsequent repairs to your driveway that may be necessary. Professionals can handle all your driveway needs. You should look for professionals who have a history of providing a quality service; in fact, you should look for photos of old driveways they’ve installed as well as new ones. Old driveways show you how their work holds up to the weather. Be the first to...

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If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dangerous Dog, Get Help From a Personal Injury Attorney

Keeping a dog in a very crowded, urban area can be challenging and New York laws concerning dog bites are complicated. Even if a dog has previously been labeled “dangerous,” the owner is strictly liable for only the victim’s medical expenses. In order to collect other damages, dog bite victims must prove that the dog has a tendency to be aggressive and bite people and the owner or keeper of the dog knew this. Even if the owner was negligent, if this was the dog’s first bite the victim would not be compensated. New York dog bite laws are much more favorable to dog owners than the laws of other states, according to a Personal Injury Attorney. If You are Bitten by a Dog… Collect all of the information possible, including pictures, contact information for the owner and witnesses, the dog’s medical and legal history and a thorough record of the circumstances of the attack. Information that does not seem important at the time may become crucial as the case progresses. What is a Dangerous Dog? If the dog is considered legally dangerous, then the owner or keeper is strictly liable for paying all medical expenses. If the injury was to a companion dog or other domestic or farm animal, then they would be responsible for veterinary bills. A dangerous dog is a dog that attacks, injures or kills, without provocation, a person or domestic animal. A dangerous dog would also be a dog that behaves in a way that reasonable people would consider a threat. Police dogs are not considered dangerous when performing their duties. Criminal Penalties The owner of a dangerous dog that causes another injury will be fined, with the amount depending upon the seriousness of the injuries, and could spend some time in jail. This is true even if a dangerous dog escapes from the yard, gets off the chain or in some way becomes unsupervised. Anyone keeping a dog that has already harmed someone and been declared dangerous is...

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Signs That the Air Conditioner in Tucson AZ Could Use Some Help

Sep 30, 16 Signs That the Air Conditioner in Tucson AZ Could Use Some Help

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The residential cooling system has done a great job of keeping the interior cool during the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately, the unit does not seem to be working as well as it did in the past. Even the best system will need help now and then. By being aware of the signs that something is not quite right, the homeowner can contact a professional and find out what type of repair is needed. Here are some examples to keep in mind. Warm Spots Where None Used to Be For many years, the home Air Conditioner in Tucson AZ kept every square inch of the living space at a comfortable temperature. Lately, the homeowner has noticed that there is a warm spot in the hall, on the stair landing, and in the corner of the master bedroom. Before more warm spots develop, it makes sense to find out what’s going on. A professional can check the unit and determine if those spots are developing because of an emerging issue with the system. The System is Getting Louder The air conditioner in Tucson AZ used to be so quiet that the homeowner had to hold a hand to a vent to determine if the unit was running. These days, that type of test isn’t necessary. There’s a definite clank when the unit cycles on or off. The homeowner has noticed some rattling while the unit is in operation too. Now is a good time to seek help and resolve the issue before things get more noisy. The Power Bill is Higher While the weather is no different from the same time last year, the monthly power bill is definitely higher. Since the utility company has not increased the rates, some other factor is causing the increase. A professional can determine what’s causing the system to consume more energy and come up with a plan for getting things back to normal. There are other signs that the home air conditioner could use a helping hand....

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Why You Case Might be Rejected Under Personal Injury Law in Bronx NY

Personal injury cases are meant to help those who are injured due to the negligence or direct action of another person. They allow the victim to obtain the compensation they need to financially recover from the incident, so they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay all of the bills for their injuries. However, not every situation is going to qualify under personal injury law in Bronx NY. There Aren’t Quantifiable Injuries The injuries must be quantifiable for there to be a monetary amount added to them. If the person simply has hurt feelings or is sore, there may not be anything to bill the liable party for. They weren’t financially impacted by the accident. On the other hand, if they had to see a doctor for their injuries or they needed to see a therapist because they developed a disorder because of the event, it could qualify. It also depends on the amount of the bills. A couple hundred dollars isn’t going to be worth the effort, but tens of thousands will. There Isn’t Sufficient Evidence There needs to be evidence to prove the liable party was liable for the injuries. Although it’s not as strict of a requirement as criminal cases are, the victim still needs to be able to prove it was the other person who caused the accident. If they cannot do this, the chances of the case being successful are zero. This is something a person might not be able to determine on their own, so it’s often a good idea for them to speak with a lawyer. The lawyer can help them determine if they have sufficient evidence and might be able to help them collect further evidence if applicable. The Victim Was Partially Responsible In some cases, the victim could be partially responsible for their own injuries. For instance, if both vehicles were speeding because they were racing and one driver lost control, the other driver is still responsible for the accident because they...

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