Helpful Tips for Improving Demand Planning and Forecasting

Nov 01, 18 Helpful Tips for Improving Demand Planning and Forecasting

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When it comes to making predictions, there’s no question it’s challenging. While there isn’t any type of magic formula when it comes to forecasting, there are some steps every company can take to mitigate the uncertainty and to improve their demand forecasting abilities. Getting to know what these steps are is crucial in helping a company avoid more problems down the road. Keep reading to know what these tips are. One Size Doesn’t Fit All Demand forecasting challenges can vary significantly. This is all dependent on a company’s specific business model, their size, industry sector, geographic location and several other factors. Even within a company, there are a number of situations that require some type of forecasting to ensure management control. Be sure to use a customized solution that addresses the company’s specific needs. Understand What Drives Uncertainty There are several factors that can impact a business’s ability to properly and accurately make forecasts. Being aware of these factors ahead of time can help a company plan ahead. As a result, all manufacturers need to ask how consistent their demand is, what factors influence the variables that are forecasted, the level of supply chain visibility and if there are several methods of transport. Keep Things Simple Believe it or not, complex isn’t always better when it comes to demand and planning. You need to keep things simple when it comes to this, which helps you gain a higher level of success than if you over-complicate what’s going on. When it comes to demand forecasting, if you want to improve, follow these tips. Doing so leads to more profits and perhaps even more client productivity. Be the first to...

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