Universal Vs Custom Gasket

Many businesses depend on gaskets for their products and machinery. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. However, when you need a large amount of gaskets or seals for your company, you can save money by going with universal or “one size fits all” selections. Yet, a custom gasket strategy offers many benefits and here are some reasons why. What’s The Difference? Companies make custom seals to fit one application. For example, suppose you need water pump seals for washing machines and automatic dishwashers. If you make several different models, you may need a special seal or custom gasket for each one. However, it’s cheaper to buy seals made to fit several different models, so you can save money by using multiple application seals. There are downsides to this strategy. Universal seals may fit some parts perfectly and others not so perfectly. After all, when you design something to fit many applications, you have to create holes and shapes which don’t fit all models. You won’t have this problem with custom-made seals because you get a perfect fit every time. Benefits of Custom Seals Custom-made seals can easily fit any application you need. For example, suppose your business rebuilds machinery. If you have a machine which is no longer manufactured, you may not find parts like gaskets. But you can contact a custom gasket manufacturer, and they can create anything you need. Other Options It’s possible to buy rubber or silicone products in tubes. You can apply these to the surfaces of parts and create your own gasket. This can work well but what if time is essential and you need to assemble many parts in one day? The act of applying seals from tubes can take too long and seriously limit your production capabilities. Custom-made gaskets offer the most benefits for many businesses today. 1 person likes this...

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3M Double Coated Tape to the Rescue

Jan 30, 17 3M Double Coated Tape to the Rescue

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Through the course of your day, something always seems to break or tear. Sometimes you need to alter or repair something but the solution seems to evade you. 3M double coated tape can help you solve many of these issues. In fact, this product may be used in a number of innovative ways. Here are some of the many good things you can do with two-sided tape. What Does Double Coating Mean? Double coating refers to tape with stickiness on both sides. However, not just any tape will do. You need something which is strong, flexible and has a great deal of bonding power. In addition, it should be pressure sensitive for ease of installation. This is why products like 3M double coated tape were invented. Innovative Solutions Smart phone repairs can be made with the right two-sided tape. It can be very useful for fixing damaged or crack screens. Plus, if you need to remove the tape, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun, but this is just the beginning. Carpet Installation Assistance If you have ever laid your own carpeting, you know how much work is involved. It can be very difficult to install tack strips and get everything just right. However, with 3M double coated tape you can install it on the back side of the carpet and then peel off the second layer as you place it to the floor. Poster Installation Would you like to put up a poster but you don’t want to make any holes in the walls? A quality two-sided tape product is easy to apply and should last for a long time. Present Wrapping Made Easy There is no need to throw away those lovely bows that are on presents. Gently remove them and you can re-use bows over and over again with two-sided tape. 1 person likes this...

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