What to Know Before Your First Asian Massage Parlor Visit

Oct 10, 18 What to Know Before Your First Asian Massage Parlor Visit

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For your first visit to an Asian massage parlor, there are a few things to know in advance. These tips will help you enjoy your appointment to the fullest and get the most for your money. Take a Shower Before You Go If you’re anxious about baring your body to your massage therapist, you’re not alone; this is one of the most common concerns voiced by new clients of massage parlors. However, there is one simple way to alleviate your concerns and help you relax before your appointment. Just take a shower! Not only with a shower or bath relax your tense muscles and prepare your body to receive the maximum benefits from your massage, but it will also ensure that you’re squeaky clean and won’t offend your massage therapist with body odor or sticky sweat. You’ll feel better and be able to focus fully on enjoying your massage session. Have Cash with You When you stop by an Asian massage parlor in New York, NY, you will want to bring cash along. Yes, many of these locations do accept other forms of payment for your appointment. However, many of the best services are offered as add-ons to your massage just before or during your session, and the only way to opt into them is to pay in cash. (It’s hard to run a credit card while your therapist is already engaged with you!) Bring cash to opt into the best services your parlor has to offer and enjoy your appointment even more! Be Polite While extra services are great – and most massage providers will offer them – they aren’t mandatory. It’s important to remember that your massage therapist is doing their job, so whatever they do is likely part of their parlor’s recommendation. Don’t be afraid to ask about extras if you’re interested, but be willing to take no for an answer – or pay a fair rate, should you be asked. Respect your massage therapist and they’ll take great care of...

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