How Often Do You Need AC Maintenance?

Jul 31, 18 How Often Do You Need AC Maintenance?

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Your HVAC system may have come with a price tag, but the comfort and protection it provides is priceless. These invaluable machines require a consistent amount of maintenance for them to keep running smoothly. It’s important to get them looked at every so often so that they can continue providing you with fresh, clean air. Many of our customers at Green Air, Inc. wonder how often AC maintenance is required. While it all depends on the status and condition of your central air unit, it’s important to keep an eye on it during certain times of the year. Here’s what you need to know about air conditioning maintenance and inspection. 1. How Often Should AC Systems Be Inspected? Most AC systems require inspection at least once a year. Even if things are running smoothly, it’s more important than ever to get it looked at. It’s better and cheaper to fix a minor issue than to wait for it to turn into a major issue down the line. Even the smallest act of cleaning out dust and dirt from inside the unit can help increase its efficiency and prevent potential damage. 2. How Does an HVAC System Work? Over time, HVAC units collect dust and debris from the air and the environment. Since these units remain outside, they are subject to weather changes and different seasonal factors. If you go too long without getting your system looked at, it can lose its efficiency over time as it gets more and more clogged with debris. Studies have shown that you lose about 5% of your air unit’s efficiency each year it goes uninspected. 3. Is There a Maintenance Service Contract? Since AC maintenance is recommended at least once a year, there are often contracts and warranties you can enter with various companies. At Green Air, Inc., we have a variety of service and payment systems in place to help you out as best as possible. Using our secure online systems, you can schedule maintenance and even...

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Key Advances in Modern Washroom Hand Dryer Design

In the market for a new hand dryer for your washroom? Perhaps you’re remodeling, or maybe you’re building a new restroom altogether. Whatever the case, you’ll find that today’s models offer a lot of advancements regarding design and functionality. What should you know about modern washroom hand dryer design? Intelligent One of the most interesting aspects of hand dryer design today is the creation of intelligent units. Not that they’re connected to the Internet of Things just yet, but hand dryers are much smarter than they used to be. They can automatically detect the voltage in a facility’s wiring, adjust to meet your needs, and even adjust their power consumption to meet usage demands. Compact Another interesting change with modern washroom hand dryer design is that many models have become more compact. This is good news for overall washroom aesthetics but is particularly important for smaller facilities where installing a dryer in an entry/exit path is unavoidable. Smaller, more compact models allow you to comply with ADA requirements dealing with the maximum size of dryers that are placed within the entry/exit path of the bathroom. Going Vertical You’ll find that modern hand dryer design has allowed these units to evolve regarding shape and style, as well. While you’ll find plenty of units that feature the traditional down-vent we’ve all come to recognize, there are many others out there, including the vertical, hands-in, design. Vertical dryers offer important benefits, including reduced power consumption, improved drying capabilities, and smaller footprints. Durable Finally, you’ll find that today’s hand dryers are much more durable than they once were. While that does impact use life, it’s much more closely tied to resisting damage at the hands of vandals. The more durable a hand dryer is, the more trouble vandals will have damaging it or removing it from the wall. Because vandalism is a crime of opportunity, vandals are less likely to spend long periods of time trying to damage a dryer as it increases the likelihood they will be...

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Reasons to Hire a Dump Truck in San Marcos, TX Instead of Renting

Construction firms, landscaping companies, and renovation contractors all have one thing in common. When their projects are completed, they have to deal with a good deal of debris. Debris like stone, fill dirt, and concrete can be hauled to a dump site for easy disposal, but it’s still the contractor’s job to arrange for getting it there. There are two obvious options for getting it there safely and efficiently, and both of them involve dump trucks. This article is intended to help contractors decide whether they should rent a truck or hire a dump truck in San Marcos, TX for debris removal. Safe Transportation Companies that hire out dump trucks also provide a licensed and certified driver. This ensures the safety of the vehicle, its driver, its contents, and others on the road. Contractors who rent their dump trucks don’t usually have the same level of experience with driving large vehicles, so they’re much more likely to wind up running into trouble. Cost Efficiency Contracting a dump truck in San Marcos, TX through a dedicated company is usually fairly affordable, and most companies charge by the hour. When renting a dump truck, most customers must pay by the day or by the week even if this heavy equipment is only required for a few hours. They often require deposits as well, which can also be quite expensive. Improved Work Site Productivity If contractors choose to rent a dump truck, they’ll have to devote a good deal of time to make arrangements to pick it up and drop it off and transport their debris themselves. Most construction and landscaping crews have better things to be doing with their time than loading debris and hauling it around. Some hauling services even offer removal, meaning that the service itself is responsible for loading up the debris. Learn More Today Interested in finding a dump site that offers debris removal and drop-off services? Loftin Material has a fleet of dump trucks capable of hauling everything from dirt to...

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Starting A Medical Malpractice With An Accident Attorney In Murfreesboro, TN

In Tennessee, a medical malpractice occurs when a doctor causes a serious medical injury or error. The injuries occur during surgeries, childbirth, and other forms of medical treatments. The issue is a failure on the doctor’s part to provide adequate care to the patient. An Accident Attorney in Murfreesboro TN helps patients who sustained injuries due to inferior health care. The Findings of the Medical Assessment The patient undergoes an additional medical assessment for their injuries and/or medical errors. The findings determine if the condition is a known risk for certain medical procedures and/or a side effect of the treatment provided. The medical assessment is used in the medical malpractice lawsuit. The Responsibilities of Physicians and Surgeons According to federal laws, physicians and surgeons are required to provide the same standard of care for all patients. Discriminatory care is illegal and could deem the doctor liable if the patient receives a low standard of care. An act of malice occurs when a doctor causes deliberate harm to a patient and is often based on a prejudice. When the Hospital Board Gets Involved At any time that a medical malpractice occurs, the hospital board investigates the situation to determine how the error and/or injury happened. If it is determined that the doctor is liable, the hospital board tries to settle the matter out of court. Mediation is scheduled to determine if a settlement is possible. The board, their doctor, and the patient with their legal counsel attend mediation. Medical Malpractice Awards In a successful medical malpractice case, the patient receives economic damages that equate to all their medical expenses and lost wages. If it was an act of malice, the patient receives non-economic damages that are based on tort laws. Punitive damages are assigned as a form of punishment for the doctor for providing a low standard of care. In Tennessee, a doctor is guilty of a medical malpractice if they cause an avoidable injury or error. Any patient that sustains an injury due to...

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More Than Just Offshore Fishing Charters in Naples, FL

For those people who love fishing, few things beat chartering a fishing vessel for the day and getting to experience the thrill of catching fish that are only around in deeper waters. Just imagine the excitement of feeling a tug at the line as you realize that you have a big one caught on the hook. It’s sure to look great posted on social media if you are lucky and skilled enough to land it! Chartering Is About More than Just Catching Fish Of course, for a great many people, offshore fishing charters in Naples, FL is all about the thrill of landing the big fish so they can brag about it. While this is certainly a great thing and lots of people love it, offshore fishing charters generally offer more than just this sort of experience. Here are just a few of the things that you can do and experience when you engage a company such as: • Sunsets: Why not take your loving partner our on a romantic sunset cruise around the Gulf of Mexico? Even though offshore fishing charters are often used for fishing, the fact is that an experienced captain can take any couple of a tour of the gulf to watch the glory of the sun setting over the horizon. • Dolphins: If you have ever wanted to experience the natural beauty of dolphin watching, why not charter a fishing vessel for an unforgettable cruise out to deep waters? Whether you are with your partner or you have your family with you, it’s the sort of experience that will stick forever with you as you experience a different sort of holiday off the coast. Chartering a Boat Can Be a Fun Experience Whether you want to have a romantic evening watching the sunset or you want to land a big fish, chartering a fishing vessel is one of the best ways to experience it. Be the first to...

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