Get Your Students Interested in Church Crafts With Children’s Ministry

Aug 28, 17 Get Your Students Interested in Church Crafts With Children’s Ministry

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In today’s fast paced, high tech society, it may be difficult to get your children to be interested in anything other than their computer screen, let alone get them engaged with the church. As children grow, it is important for them to have a solid spiritual foundation, which is usually done through children’s ministry. Here are some fun, crafty, ways to get your students interested Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville. Work In Groups: Most kids are less interested in learning then they are in play, so one way to make Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville fun is to treat it more like organized play time. If you run a Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville, have your students work in groups. This makes the activity seem more like play rather then work or learning and helps with team building skills. Working in groups will also allow for discussions and dialogue about the portion of the Bible that was being taught- since the kids are working on something related to that portion. Create Something Useful: Use craft time at your Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville to create Christmas tree decorations, or presents for friends and family. This will help teach students the importance of finishing a task, and will allow your students to present their work to family or friends. Most likely, when your student shows off his or her craft project, he or she, will also want to retell the story, or the lesson that inspired the creation of the project. Get Parents Involved: Make Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville a family even by allowing parents or family members to join the kids for craft day. This will help create a sense of family within the group, strengthen the community and will also remind the adults of the important lessons that Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville is teaching. Be the first to...

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The Preterist view of Eschatology

This article offers a Preterist view of Christian eschatology that is entirely consistent with a literal reading of the Bible while providing a new perspective based on a careful study of history. What is Eschatology? Eschatology is a theological term derived from the Greek eschaton – which literally means ‘end-things’. So, eschatology is the study of the end-times. In Biblical terms, it is commonly understood as the events predicted in the New Testament that come after the ascension of Jesus into heaven following the resurrection. What will happen in the end times? The events of the end-times are mentioned in a number of New Testament books; most famously the Book of Revelations, but also in the Gospels and the letters of Paul. The events themselves can be grouped together under a few general headings: The persecution of the saints by an ‘antichrist’ and his collaborators drawn from across the nations. The Second Coming of Christ in glory from heaven to defeat the forces of evil and pass judgment on the wicked. The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the departure of the divine presence The 1,000 year reign of Christ on Earth The Resurrection of the dead into eternal life What is Preterism? Preterism comes from a Latin term, Praeter, which means ‘as it has past’. Theologically, Preterism believes that the prophecies of the end-times laid out in the Bible refer to events that took place in the first century A.D. This includes the second coming and last judgment. This flies in the face of the opinion of most Christians, who believe the end-times prophecies to denote events that have not yet come to pass. How can this be the case? The Jewish War The Jewish war was a revolt against the Roman Empire that took place between A.D. 66 and A.D. 70. It was a disaster for the Jewish people and culminated in the complete destruction of the Temple and the exile of many Jews from the Holy Land. The war is...

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The Benefits of Local Business Directories for your Small Business

If you are looking for ways to promote your small business a Canadian Business Directory online is a perfect opportunity. There are many free and paid for listings available with the opportunity to receive reviews, as well as post important information about your services. For the local business owner, these listings are an easy to use option offering the following benefits: *   DIY: A Canadian business directory is usually a DIY ad opportunity that takes about five minutes of your time. You can have quick access to a number of online listings and simply fill in the online form once you register. *   Competition: It is best to sign up on as many Canadian business directories as you can because your competition is already out there. You might think no one is using some of the lesser known directories, but if your competition is listed that is one more customer you may miss. Being everywhere your competition is, and then taking it one step further is the best way to remain on potential clients’ radars. *   Local Listings: Business directories allow people to search businesses locally, which is often the bread and butter of the small business. As well, if you are in a touristy area, you want to be found on directories for your town so people can find you when they visit. *   Simple Promotion: A Canadian business directory is the simplest way to promote your business and services. You will have all of your key information in one easy to find listing and then have the opportunity to add a link directly to your promotional page on your website. You will have your phone number and all contact information including an email listed as well. *   Affordable: Most online directories are free which makes them a very affordable option. You will not have to hire someone to come up with a clever banner ad or logo. You just have to list your contact information and services. You can also look at...

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Christian Answers: Is the Earth Really 6000 Years Old?

Over the last few decades, the theory of evolution has risen to prominence in academic circles. This theory believes that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. It directly contradicts the Bible’s record of earth’s history. Individuals who want to know “Is the earth really 6000 years old?” must pull out their Bibles and prepare for a bit of mathematics. From Adam to Abraham In the Bible, Genesis starts with the creation of the earth, Adam and Eve. It tracks Adam’s descendents by beginning with Cain and Abel. Throughout the Bible, Christians can follow the line of descent from Adam to Abraham. Afterward, this ancestral lineage continues to Jesus. To calculate the answer to “Is the earth really 6000 years old?,” biblical scholars must follow the line of descent from Adam to Jesus. According to the Bible, it was about 2000 years from the birth of Adam to the birth of Abraham. From Abraham to Jesus, the time line is about 2000 years as well. Adding it Up There are 2000 years from Adam to Abraham and 2000 years that passed between Abraham and Jesus. This means that the earth existed for 4000 years before Jesus Christ was born. A quick look at the calendar reveals another 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ. Added together, 2000 and 4000 equals 6000 years. According to the Bible, the answer to the question “is the earth really 6000 years old?” is “yes, it is.” What About Fossils and Dinosaurs? This is one of the biggest issues with creating a time line that dates back 6000 years. There are fossils that are left behind from dinosaurs. According to the Bible in Genesis 1:31, “God saw all that He made and behold. It was very good.” The world was not just okay or simply adequate. God created a world that did not have violence, death, illness or disease. He created a world that was entirely good. This quote from Genesis matters because it shows that there was...

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Why a Non-Denominational Church in the Twin Cities is Right For You

Going to church on a regular basis is a great way to connect with God, learn more about his word and gain the resolve to follow his path. It’s also a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and develop strong personal relationships that last. If you have never attended or find yourself uncomfortable in traditional worship settings, a non-denominational church in the Twin Cities might be right for you. There are some great reasons why non-denominational churches tend to draw such big followings. While these non-traditional churches follow the Bible, teach its scriptures and encourage members to learn from the lessons it offers, they tend to do so in a way that’s different from other houses of worship. Here are just a few reasons why people find themselves drawn to non-denominational houses of worship: The Diversity While some houses of worship tend to draw people from narrow walks of life, non-denominational churches are more diverse. Their welcoming atmosphere makes anyone, regardless of age, race, former religious affiliation or economic standing, feel comfortable. Since all men and women are children of God, this welcoming nature tends to be a very big draw for those who choose to attend a non-denominational church in the Twin Cities. The Pure Passion Those who attend a non-denominational church in the Twin Cities are likely to find that church isn’t something that’s done on Sundays and forgotten about. Members tend to be very passionate in their believes and their desire to walk God’s path seven days a week. While a Sunday sermon might inspire, ministry programs provide members a way to give back, learn and feel a genuine sense of belonging throughout the week. The Modern Style While some churches stand on ceremonies developed hundreds of years ago, non-denominational churches often embrace modern culture. Incorporating cultural style into their services, they harness music, video and other modern accoutrements to bring people closer to God. In the process, they tend to make their messages more relevant to living in the presence...

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The End-Time News And How To Stay Informed

It is interesting to note that all the major, or some may say dominant, world religious talk about end times or end-time. News today often reflects very specific events that are prophesized in the Bible, leading to the understanding that end times may be approaching. End-Time News in Religions Another interesting fact is that not only do all religious mention end-time news and events, but they also all talk about specific signs that will occur to allow humanity to know that the end times are approaching. There are very detailed timelines and predictions made as to the specific date of the last day, but the truth is that no one can predict when the specific end times will be upon the world. However, predictions in end-time news continue with many religious leaders coming forward and making predictions that often coincide with important events or dates. Where to Find Accurate End-Time News It is important for everyone to stay aware of end-time news as this is not a negative time for the true believer but a very positive time that includes the rapture, rewards for being a faithful servant and a true, enteral relationship when a new heaven and a new Earth will be ushered in by Christ for all believers. However, many of the end-time news sites are designed to focus in on the aspects of the end times that talk about the arrival to power of the Antichrist and the tribulations and terrible events that will happen during those days. Finding accurate information that portrays end-time news not as some gory horror movie from Hollywood but rather as part of the teachings of the bible can be difficult. Look for websites that provide information from respected Christian leaders and scholars and not those that are trying to be sensationalists. There are very balanced end-time news websites, radio programs and videos that can provide Christians accurate and biblical teachings about this time that is yet to come. These teachings do not include the interpretations...

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