Building A Tiny House In Atlanta? You’ll Need Quality Custom Cabinets Installed

Nov 22, 19 Building A Tiny House In Atlanta? You’ll Need Quality Custom Cabinets Installed

Tiny houses have taken America by storm, with many states allowing their construction. Downsizing is one of the main reasons tiny houses have flourished. Some tiny house owners enjoy the freedom of towing their home wherever the spirit moves them.

Tiny houses are totally custom designed and built. Space to move around is at a premium, while storage is a challenge. It’s this need for custom cabinetry and storage in which Atlanta craftsmen shine.


Your Atlanta custom cabinet designer will consult with you, divining your needs before he even picks up a pencil and paper. He’ll work with you to design your cabinetry and storage to your satisfaction. You’ll see what it will look like when the designer uses a computer to show you in 3D your cabinets and storage.


Once you approve the design for the cabinetry and storage in your tiny house, the building begins. It’s completed in a temperature-controlled facility. While the tiny house builder is putting your home together, you can be sure the designer will work to make sure your custom cabinetry and storage will fit well.

While your tiny house is being painted and finished, your Atlanta craftsmen will be painting or staining your custom cabinets and storage as well as finishing them according to your wishes in the design. When they’re ready for installation, they’ll look professional and elegant.


When you see your new cabinets and storage at the “reveal,” it will feel as if your’re a guest on Tiny House Nation. If you built into the design a doggie bed and/or automatic food and water bowl holders, then your dog, too, will be excited to see the “reveal.”

There’s no more wonderful feeling than seeing your dream in full color reality before your eyes. Contact Mi-Kin Creations Inc. at to learn more about custom Atlanta cabinetry and storage.

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