Do All Homes Need Gutters in Kent Wa?

Dec 11, 19 Do All Homes Need Gutters in Kent Wa?

Some people believe that all homes need gutters. This is not true. Gutter systems are only needed in areas that have regular heavy rains. Therefore, homes in arid regions or homes in areas with consistent, but light, rainfall, may not need a gutter system. What about homes in Kent?

Rainfall in Kent

Kent gets an average of 43 inches of rain per year. The national average is 38 inches. This means that Kent gets significant rainfall and is certainly not an arid region. Moreover, much of that rain comes in heavy bursts. The climate and its resulting weather pattern mean that homes need Gutters in Kent Wa.

Function of Gutters

Gutters work to divert water away from the foundation of the home. They begin by collecting the water that lands off of the roof and would roll down the roof and off of the roof’s edges. Without gutters, this water would collect near a home’s foundation. With gutters, the water can be directed to locations that are sloped away from the home and its foundation.

Parts of a Gutter System

Although most people refer to the entire gutter system as gutters, the gutters are the containers that collect the water from the roof. They are connected by slip connectors on straight pieces and elbows on curved areas. End caps close of ends of the gutter to keep them from draining. The downspout directs the water to the ground, where a gutter extension takes it away from the foundation of the home. Fancier gutter systems may have even more elements. One upgrade that may be worth considering is a leaf guard, especially if a roof is surrounded by trees.

Restoring Function

Knowing that homes need Gutters in Kent Wa means that homes without functioning gutters are vulnerable. However, restoring function does not have to mean replacing all of a home’s gutters. Often gutters systems can be repaired to restore function at a fraction of the price of replacement. The best way to find out if a gutter system needs repair or replacement is to contact a gutter repair service and ask for a professional inspection of the home’s gutter system, as well as estimates for repair and replacement.

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