Enjoy Live Music in Houston TX This Weekend!

The state of Texas carries a rich and varied music history. The colorful blanket of music notes carries a range of styles including country, gospel, blues, rock, Cajun, honky-tonk, as well as a wide range of music brought from immigrants and other travelers. Texas holds the title for being the birthplace of Western Swing, and has helped other musical styles such as zydeco blossom and become integrated all around the world. Traditional Spanish and Tex-Mex styles of music have also become a huge hit within the state as well as many others across the country, with a number of restaurants, night clubs and similar establishments offering live music on the weekends for their visitors and patrons. While this may include a huge range of different music, and could change often, a number of establishments offer live music that reflects their own cuisine or decorative views. Some of the most popular music choices are blues, jazz, country, and traditional Spanish styles. When planning on taking in a live music show, be sure to reserve a table in advance since they are quite popular and may fill up quickly. Also be sure to inquire as to whether or not the facility is a family establishment or not. While children may enjoy and even benefit from seeing different styles of live music, the restaurant or club itself may not allow them inside due to regulatory issues and state law if alcohol is sold on the premises.

Enjoying the Flair of Authentic Spanish Flamenco

Flamenco is said to be more than just a dance; it’s a combination of art, grace, and class combined with the passion and energy of both the dancers and the musicians. With an extensive repertoire of songs and a percussion beat that will have you tapping your toes in time, Flamenco is something the whole family can enjoy seeing in person. Brightly colored traditional dress and the rhythmic structures come together to make this a performance you won’t want to miss while enjoying your dinner or a drink. Originally from the Andalusia region of Spain, Flamenco is a dance that can vary from each individual artist. At its core, however, is a traditional folk song accompanied with different percussion instruments and, most notably, energetic and graceful dancers. From its humble beginnings, Flamenco has since grown to include a larger range of instruments such as the cypress guitar.


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